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Stop Ecocide FoundationGallifrey Foundation, Mana PacificSeawildingRoyal Scottish Geographical SocietyGlobal Choices Thursday 30th June08:00 (Lisbon, UTC+1) – online eventat the UN Oceans Conference, 27th June – 1st July. We are dependent on healthy marine and coastal ecosystems for billions of livelihoods around the world, as well as regulation of weather and climate.  When the oceans lose their regenerative capacity, we face profound, even existential crisis.  Meanwhile existing laws are proving inadequate to deter and protect from the destructive side effects of many industrial practices and exploratory extractive projects.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Momentum is growing around the world towards criminalising severe and either widespread or long-term damage to ecosystems (increasingly known as “ecocide”) at the international level, which could create a desperately needed legal safety rail for commercial activity, deterring the worst harms, strengthening existing laws and, importantly, creating the enabling framework for strategic change and innovation. Find out how this powerful legal initiative can protect key marine ecosystems into the future, deterring severe threats, transforming our relationship with the oceans and protecting our own place on our planetary home. This event will be simultaneously translated into French and Spanish.

El derecho penal como salvaguarda del planeta: cambios de paradigma en la protección de los océanosFrançais:
Le droit pénal comme sauvegarde planétaire: changements de paradigme dans la protection des océansWe would love you to join us!
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Jojo MehtaCo-Founder & Executive Director, op Ecocide
Jojo co-founded Stop Ecocide in 2017, alongside barrister and legal pioneer the late Polly Higgins, to support the establishment of ecocide as a crime at the International Criminal Court. Jojo has overseen the remarkable growth of the movement while coordinating between legal developments, diplomatic traction and public narrative. She is Chair of the charitable Stop Ecocide Foundation and convenor of the Independent Expert Panel for the Legal Definition of Ecocide chaired by Philippe Sands QC and Dior Fall
Sow.Antoinette VermilyeCo-founder of the Gallifrey Foundation and also She Changes Climate, Antoinette is passionate about the complex interrelationships of the ocean, plastics, gender, and overfishing on social injustice, human health and the environment. She seeks either coalitions to find action-oriented solutions that will have far reaching impacts downstream or to take action on identified gaps where little or no attention is being paid.
Thus her work is eclectic interconnectedness: ranging from impact of overfishing on the ocean and migrants, empowering citizens to take civil legal action against unsustainable legal and illegal overfishing, awareness campaigns on the impacts of plastics on human and planetary health, social injustice and the environment.. Perses BilimoriaVisiting Associate, Cambridge Centre for Climate Repair
He is the founder and chief executive officer of Earthsoul India Private Limited, India’s first, compostable and biodegradable product manufacturer. He sits on the standards committee for the Bureau of Indian Standards, with special reference to biopolymers from renewable resources in India.
He has recently been appointed as an advisory committee member of the International Biochar Initiative and as Chairman of The Converging World.
Perses has been involved with climate change research since 2001 and more recently has been a part of various climate change sustainability conferences held globally.John MillerCo-Founder & President, Mana
John has 25 years energy & microgrid industry experience in the Pacific, in isolated, and in high-risk regions. John is skilled in strategic planning, transformative business models, international business & logistics, entrepreneurship, and utility project development and financing. John was mentored by Utu Abe Malae who was Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority, working to combat critical environmental challenges in American Samoa and greater Polynesia.Inge RelphInge Relph is Executive Director and Co–Founder of Global Choices, a female led and genuinely intergenerational not for profit prioritizing protection of the Central Arctic Ocean as the most endangered of our climate systems. She advocates for reframing the Ice Shield as a Global Commons, calling for a 10-year moratorium to protect it, as losing the Ice is already having global repercussions. She believes legal challenges like Ecocide will be needed if it is to be protected in time to save this unique biome. Known for thought leadership and policy innovation around systems change, global governance and peace and security, she was Senior Policy Advisor to The Elders during the landmark Paris COP and the SDG agreements.Moderator:

Amanda EllisAmanda currently serves as Executive Director, Asia-Pacific for the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation and Senior Director, Global Partnerships and Networks for the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University. She is co-chair of the WE Empower UN SDG Challenge, launched by the UN Secretary General, the President of the World Bank and the Council of Women World Leaders in 2018 to promote inclusive entrepreneurship.
Previous roles include New Zealand’s Head of Mission and Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, inaugural Ambassador for Women and Girls and Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to Francophone Africa. REGISTER TO ATTEND HERE For more information, please contact
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