22-49 Preparing for Christmas Spirit

Sara’s View or Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 29th

Tis the time to be jolly LALALALALALA, I know times are hard, cost have risen, stocks are low, service is slow, but be patient for if we choose to be in joy, we will see the joy. It is not about the gifts, it is Jesus birthday, and he would want everyone to be joyful and come together with love and compassion for each other.

I know it is hard to find that perfect gift within your price range, but do not sweat it, for anything given with love and intent is a gift worth receiving. It is the time to come together and share our joy and gratitude for what we have and what we can still do, not what we have lost. The gift is in the joy of being with each other, not how much the gift cost. Coming together to share the joy of each other, the laughter, the spirit of giving, the love of giving of your self, your essence of joy, that is where the true spirit lays.

If you are buying fits, make one, of get creative within your budget, and if what you want to buy is not in stock, think of something else. Keep with in your budget, and remember, when going to someone’s for a party of dinner, to offer to do the dishes, or help cleaning up, believe me, that is a gift in its self.

Please be patient out there while driving, shopping, everyone is in a hurry, and all our workers are run of their feet, remember to show gratitude to them too. Also, please do not forget the lonely, the one’s you know have no whwere to go, having them at your table will be an added gift to one and all. If you are on your own, volunteer somewhere, it will warm your heart and you will be doing it with others. Also you can gather others you know are alone and get together with a potluck and enjoy each other.

Please remember that even though Christmas is about Christs birthday, we all celebrate it in some way or other, for it is about togetherness with our hearts, souls and high spirits.


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