QS22-49. Steve Martile’s 7-day manifestation experiment.

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Steve Martile, on air from November 29th

I’m an Entrepreneur, and Spiritual Teacher who loves adventurer and having fun. I started as a mechanical engineer then became a life coach. Today I run a marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs build their businesses. I have roughly 1.5 million+ views on my Youtube channel, and have become known for the 7-day manifestation experiment.

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A Little More About Me…

Most people wouldn’t expect the same personality who does engineering to also be a life coach.  So how did I go from engineer to life coach?

I’ve had some defining moments along my journey. They always came with a fair amount of discomfort. One of those moments occurred while I was working in Toronto as an HVAC engineer.  One weekend my wife and I were driving north to Sudbury in our Honda Accord to see family. We were talking about the new job I had started six months earlier.

I remember saying to her, “I feel depressed.”

My wife says, “Is it me?”

“No, of course it’s not you,” I said. “It’s the work I’m doing.”

I felt this rigid programming take over when I was in my job.  It was as if there were two of me. One part of me felt that I should keep everyone happy.  Keep the peace. Don’t ruffle any feathers.  Don’t rock the boat.  Don’t do anything that will upset anyone.  Don’t stand up for yourself, especially if it might upset someone else. We wouldn’t want that.

The other part of me (the real me) was screaming inside to do the things that made me feel happy, to be true to myself, to honor my feelings. I needed to speak up for myself at meetings when I felt guided to do that. I needed to explore, to be creative, to try new things, to be less rigid and more adventurous.

The real me was getting louder and louder. I knew I needed to make a change, but the truth was I felt trapped.  One part of me had taken the job in Toronto because it was the ‘right thing to do’ and the ‘money was good.’ Yet the real me was pushing to emerge. It wouldn’t stand down.

I started working on projects for two different senior engineers. They both had conflicting ideas about which projects were the most important. Imagine walking into a meeting where you’re told that project X needs to be your highest priority. You leave that meeting and walk into another meeting five minutes later, and you’re told by a totally different supervisor that project Y is more important than project X.

It was driving me nuts. I was pulling my hair out because I wanted both supervisors to be happy with me. I had the so-called “disease to please”. I was miserable.  Pleasing others was a trap I had created for myself. I desperately wanted out.

That’s when I started looking for answers. I decided to open my mind to new ideas. I decided I was going to do something different because the pain and internal discomfort were too much to bear. I had to change course, so I started reading books and becoming more receptive to new ideas, AND THAT CHANGED MY LIFE COMPLETLY.





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