TSM22-52. Spike Adams, “The Mask” a Sons Message

Their Story with Sara Troy and her guest Spike Adams, on air from December 20th

 “A fitting tribute to the teenager who could see so clearly and feel so deeply, The Mask is an allegory that teachers and parents will welcome as a starting point for discussions about many of the most valuable and elusive of human traits—love, courage, integrity, and kindness. Beautifully illustrated by Rohan Daniel Eason.”

— BookLife Prize from Publishers Weekly

The Mask
written by Clayton Marshall Adams and illustrated by Rohan Daniel Eason, tells the story of a disfigured man who is bullied by the local villagers until the forest offers him beauty in exchange for a future unknown service, whenever it is demanded by The Mask. The Mask is an allegorical tale that touches upon our human frailties, inspires us to find our inner truth, and dares us to be more courageous than we can imagine. Beautifully illustrated and designed, the award-winning book The Mask compels a reader to ponder important social issues such as bullying and body image as well as the meaning of beauty and truth.

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They say that the message Clayton conveys, quite eloquently and quite powerfully, is something that is spoken of in the Bible, by mystics, and by philosophers and poets. What is that message? (“Be kind to others. It’s as simple as that. It does not matter whether someone is different than you in terms of color, culture, religion, or sexual orientation”) 

How old was Clayton when he wrote this story?

Clayton ends his story in a very unique way,Clayton’s the intentions behind the ending was he wanted to compel people to have a discussion about many things — the meaning of a committed relationship, inner beauty vs outer beauty, how people are treated, the impact of bullying on someone’s life)


Clayton Marshall Adams was a young man who suffered from clinical depression and subsequently took his lifeWhile looking through his computer for photos and writings his mother found this story. His father, Spike, decided to publish it to give his son the best legacy he could.

The Mask was published by CJ Sparrow on October 28, 2021.

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On the website, you created 20 questions that teachers and parents can use for discussion.


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