BB23-9. Mary Lee Gannon & Freedom is Success.

Building your business wit Sara Troy and her guest Mary Lee Gannon, on air from February 28th

My topic is relevant for anyone who wants to be respected at work, advance in their career, and prioritize well-being without being so overworked they don’t connect with the people who matter.

I went from welfare, food stamps, medical assistance, being homeless and without an automobile to quickly being a CEO of a $33 million organization.

My “Why?” is that working harder is not the only necessary strategy to advance in your career. At a certain level everyone does that. Yet really hard working and great people get passed over in their careers because they either haven’t positioned their value proposition to create measurable impact, or they sit back waiting for their merits to get noticed. I help leader advance quickly and feel satisfied.

Success is freedom. Not more hours, says Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon. Mary Lee was a stay at home mother of four children living what looked on the outside to be the country club life yet she was in an unpalatable marriage. She filed for divorce as a leap of faith, not at all prepared for the avalanche that befell her. Within six months she and her children were homeless, without an automobile and on welfare, food stamps, and medical assistance. She quickly reinvented her life as the CEO of organizations worth up to $33 million to support her family. She helps leaders get off the treadmill to nowhere and be respected, advance in their careers and prioritize well-being with her 5 Star Leader Formula.

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Mary Lee began her executive leadership quest on the heels of a divorce as a single mother of four children under seven-years-old on welfare. She committed herself to the intention that public assistance was not the way she would lead her life and realized that to support five people she didn’t have time to go back to school or work her way to the top. She freelanced as a writer and public relations consultant to feed her children while she built her toolbelt of leadership quantifiers. She assessed her signature strengths, developed her transferable skills, volunteered to showcase measurable accomplishments, built connections, and grew a sphere of influence. Her first full time role in corporate America was as a president of a hospital foundation when she had held no prior paid positions in the field. As she grew her portfolio of successes, so grew the size of the organizations she ran and her income. Today, she is the CEO of a $33 million hospital foundation and is also an executive coach whose mission is to help good people become respected leaders quickly so they can enjoy a great life with people they care about without compromising their well-being.  Success is freedom. Not more hours.

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