BB23-13. Spring Zheng, Momentum Moves Mountains.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her Guest Spring Zheng, on air from March 28th

My WHY: To empower Coaches, Visionary Entrepreneurs and Life Changers to Step Up for their call, and Stand Out as confident experts and thoughts leaders in their ideal niche to attract more dream clients, create abundant life and business, and impact more lives worldwide, for the Abundance of All.

Abundance Entrepreneurship and Thought Leadership Coach

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author 

Award Winning Transformational Speaker 

(Featured at Nasdaq and Harvard University Clubs)

Spring’s Motto: Love Never Fails. Live Every Day in Love, Faith, Passion and Abundance!

Abundance Entrepreneurship and Thought Leadership Coach Spring Zheng is a #1 Amazon best-selling author of “Abundance Train” and award-winning transformational speaker. She is called to empower visionary entrepreneurs and life changers like coaches, authors, speakers and consultants to unleash their purpose and passion, and stand out as confident experts and thought leaders in their ideal niche with their unique gifts to transform more lives. Spring is on a mission to help entrepreneurs turn their passion into prosperity, and make greater impact with the movement to create Abundance of All worldwide.

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As the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc., Spring leads and inspires a fast-growing community of Abundant Entrepreneurs. Whether she is working one on one with clients or in intimate live or virtual groups, one thing is certain. She will lift you up to clarify your vision, claim your purposeful and profitable niche, build your unique branding, create your strategic content, and build your abundant thought leadership, that will keep attracting your ideal audience and clients like magic!

Spring holds an Executive MBA from Rutgers University, a Professional Coaching Certificate from New York University, and a graduate from Tony Robbins Coach Academy. She has over 25 years professional experiences including performance management with Fortune 100 company, strategy consulting, operations and professional training with international companies, and over 14 years of abundance coaching. 

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