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A DROP OF WISDOM GOES A LONG WAY in our Orchard of Wisdom Library 

We have had some great hosts that have joined our family and now have moved on to pursue other interests in their life. Here are their old shows for you to hear and enjoy for their message is still strong and relevant.

As I say we have a show for everything…………………

Thank you for your time and your energy hosts, we the listeners appreciate it. 

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Journey into Joy with Pamela Lynch 

Pamela invited you to tune into thought leaders in our community as they share their insights on “Journey into Joy” She leads the way knowing we have shifted into a new paradigm, in our personal, business, and spiritual experience.

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Everyday Happiness with Vicki Mcleod

Everyday Happiness focused on the multiple dimensions that make for a balanced and happy daily life. Weekly topics included business and career, home and environment, personal growth and spirituality, health and wellness, relationships, and play and creativity. Guests included subject matter experts in each of these dimensions, along with ordinary people on a transformational journey. Vicki offered practical wisdom for manifesting more happiness in our day-to-day lives and rethinking our relationship with what we call ordinary.  Her slogan: “Do what you love, love what you do. Online and off.”

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Happiness and Success in Life with Angela Goodeve 

Angela Goodeve showed You how can live a happier life; a more prosperous life; and a more peaceful life than you can ever imagine!

The show answered questions on what you need to be happy, successful, and feel empowered.

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Free Your Mind with Tina Nies

Tina Nies is a spreader of self-love, she believes the world goes round so much better when we come from a place of love. Tina is here to bring us a sense of Joy of living and loving 3 times a week to start our day of with.

We all like to start our day with a positive attitude and a lightened mind. Here we will have an exercise with breathing, meditation, enlightenment, music, to get your day of to a good start.

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Rocking Your Role with Jenny Garrett

Life is business and everything we do in business is about life. In this series, Jenny Garrett will be bringing you experts in the business to help you grow yours in a conscious way that embraces your employees and clients.

Jenny Garrett all the way from the UK has a conscious business approach in conducting your business authentically, intuitively and embraces the entrepreneur in you.

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Empower Hour with Coach Brandi

As a Certified Spiritual Intuitive Coach and Energy Medicine Specialist, Coach Brandi uses various modalities such as Healing Touch, Emotion Code, Theta Reading, Soul Regression work and Access Consciousness to facilitate clearing of emotional and energetic trauma from past and current life experiences.

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Intuitive Beliefs with Susan Turnbull

Susan Turnbull is a Transformational Beliefs Coach, Certified Bio-Kinesiologist, Emotional Energy Specialist, Human Design Specialist, Author, Public Speaker, Workshop/Seminar Facilitator and Spiritual Intuitive.

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Calm People Make Calm Pets with John Goodstadt.  

Josh is an animal whisper, and he shares with us in how to care for our pets.

Dogs horses it is all about how calm are we as that reflects on the animal.

Tune in to hear all his past shows, John has moved on the help his wife get ready for the 2016 Olympics.

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Loving Our Sensual Side with Bonnie Gayle, Theresa Skelly and Tinamarie Bernard.

Shared stories and solutions to embracing our sensuality and sexual being.

Bonnie’s info Sherri’s info Tinamarie’s
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Innovations and Technology with Frank Germano 

Covering Nicola Tesla and over innovations, Frank and his buddies talk technology

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Vibrational Eating with Val McDonald

Improving your health starts with improving the way you eat. Know that the more connected you become with your food; how it is grown, how it is cooked and also how it is eaten (slowly, with enjoyment!), the more connected you become with your own health and vitality. Everything in this world has its own unique vibration, and this includes our bodies, and the foods we eat.  The faster our mind and body is vibrating, the more conscious, aware and in sync we are with the world, and with all of those around us.

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Songs For Everyone with Michael Averill

Everything we know about ourselves, our history, and how we relate to one and other is rooted in the sharing of experiences through stories.  It is how we learn, grow, and develop as individuals, and communities.  Stories are universal – as is Music.

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Live Your Best Life with Dina Marais

Dina Marais is a Neuro-Vitality Coach and specializes in self-actualization.  She strongly believes that we all deserve and are able to create better lives for ourselves unleashing the capacity to live life to the fullest.

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Inspiring South Africans with Heather DeWit

Inspiring South Africans was created to honour the legacy of our belated and beloved Nelson Mandela, to keep his dream for South Africa alive and to drive it forward and it’s up to the people !

My foremost intention with Inspiring South Africans is to inspire people to start or continue the journey of healing of the self. It only takes one inspiring story to start the process and Inspiring South Africans could just be your ticket !

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The Writers Divine Den with Jackie VanCampen

Discover the magical world of written words and the power they have to influence our personal lives and the world at large.

On these shows hosted by Jackie VanCampen, you will have access to the literary world, receive tips that help connect you with the heart, be exposed to books that touch the soul, and learn literary strategies to becoming a writer and author.

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Living Unapologetic-ally with Tiffany Phillips

Tiffany Phillips is an accomplished actress, comedian, singer, writer and producer based in Los Angeles with an extensive background in film, television and theatre. She is bringing us her how on Living Unapologetically and in humour, so you can live life to its fullest.

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Own Your Money with Jeff Forrest

Money relationships and knowing your money with Jeff

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Spiritual Awakening with Jackie Mihalchick

The very core of our existence is based in the spirit of the universe, within us is the meaning of life of our purpose here in earth. When we choose to trust the positive vibrations of the cosmos we begin to understand what they mean.

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Metaphysical Insights with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

EASING THE SHIFTS WITH THE WISDOM OF THE CAT BEINGS as channelled through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral & Creator. Mary facilitates a deeper connection with the sacred area upon the Earth in which you currently reside empowering you to grow your relationship with the Earth in ways that nurture, feed and support you, the Earth and all living beings throughout the Cosmos.

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Nathen Aswell is a gifted speaker, recording artist and coach based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and he believes that his calling in this life is to inspire and heal through his engaging talks, his heart-centred music-making, and his warm listening. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.

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 Wise Health hosted by Suma Nathan and her co/host Bill Maquis

With over 60 years of wisdom in the health world, these two bring us knowledge on our health like no others can.

 wise-health  more on Suma Nathen 

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Transforming Relationships

Hosted by Julieanne O’Connor is the author of the book Spelling It Out for Your Man, Insider Secrets to Sex, Love and Attraction, for Men and Women.

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Denise Povernick, where she shares with you how to recognize, honour and share the Whispers in Your Heart. denise-povernick

Most coaches will try to instruct you on how to fix an issue in your life, and your end result is painted over rust. I show you the issue’s origins. Where it came from, how it grew, etc. This way you “know” how to handle it now, and in the future, along with any other issues that may come.

thoughts-become-things-international show


Here we speak of raising our inner vibration and how to embrace our 5 Dimensional self by helping families and individuals raise their divine consciousness.


The Reverend Charles Eduardos is a man of pure heart, and these shows will look at all faiths and in how can connect to our G.U.S God Universe Spirit.                                     


Dianne Shaver brings TRANSFORMATION through a positive approach to become a part of every aspect of our life and business.  


 This PAST series is brought to you by Lynnis Woods Mullins on Wellness in all aspects of women’s lives.



The aim of this show is to provide a platform for educating Health, Wellness and Rehabilitation related issues in the Caribbean region and Globally beyond.


IT’S All About the KIDS with Hyacnith.

This series of podcasts will look at the role of parents as role models and leaders in their own lives. We’ll look at connection and cooperation. Healing from past wounds and helping our children to heal from everyday traumas.


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