C15/28b Transparency: The Gender Identity Project New York

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Daphne Chan originally aired July 14th

TGIP-Shorter_DonaldWe are becoming a more embracing world of each others differences. We still have a long way to go in understanding and showing compassion for each other, but with work like Daphne is doing, we are a step further. 

Daphne is currently working on Transparency: The Gender Identity Project.

Daphne Chan’s work explores identity and how it reveals itself through gender, culture, sexuality and body image. With “The Flawless Sabrina” (2006) the fluidity of gender and sexuality were explored by documenting a drag queen named Jack Doroshow. The project delved into communal taboos of populations that rankle social precepts such as the gender identity of genderqueer: a person who identifies as a gender other than “man” or “woman”. The commonality is that all genderqueer people reject the notion that there are only two genders in the world as they believe binary gender is a social construct. 

DaphneChan_headshotNext, “Her Interior” (2007) examines the conceptual conflation between women’s bodies and domestic interiors, how the identification between self and interior is linked with women. Each woman interacts with features of her environment in order to explore how she occupies that particular physical and psychological space. The fragmentation of the bodies emphasizes the compartmentalization that is inherent in women’s identities. “Transparency: The Gender Identity Project” is a visual depiction of the LGBT and genderqueer community of New York that is unique and much needed. There is still a lack of visibility of specific identities and uncovering these identities will challenge the common stereotypes for what certain identities are expected to look like. It’s a powerful statement in visibility and diversity. The goal is to celebrate and encourage the expansion and public awareness of queer fluid expression. The transgender community has historically faced systemic discrimination and this project provides a platform for visibility, recognition and eventual acceptance. With each project, Chan attempts to reveal one more aspect of our identity and to distinguish the physical corporeal grounding in our bodies and the amorphous, socio-cultural precepts layered upon us.


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Each portrait is a collaboration between the subject and the artist and is created through an intimate artistic process resulting in a unique handmade fine art print.

Please call 778-709-3717 or email info@daphnechanphoto.com to arrange a consultation.

Transparency: The Gender Identity Project: igg.me/at/daphnechan
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The New York City LGBT Center:

Flawless Sabrina, drag activist, friend and mentor:

Miss Vera’s Finishing School For Boys Who Want To Be Girls: http://www.missvera.com

The Bureau of General Services-Queer Division Bookstore and Event Space owned by Greg Newton and Donnie Jochum:  http://bgsqd.com

GENDEROSITY is a 70 min multimedia solo performance art piece that uses the personal narratives of creator/writer/performer Donald C. Shorter Jr drag transformation process to talk about his life experience of gender non-conformity.

     Here is the show I did with Daphne before she went to New York 


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An interview she did about my work and the origins of Transparency: The Gender Identity Project:


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