15/28 Making Beautiful Music with Greg Stuart

Everyday Happiness: The Pajama Podcasts with Vicki McLeod and her guest Greg Stuart aired July 14th-20th

unnamedvickiIn this episode, we talk music and happiness with Greg Stuart, a musician, composer, lyricist and audio technician. Greg is why we sound so good on the podcast and his original song “Before and Again” is our theme music. We chat live from his studio about the science of music, music as a life passion, and the importance of lifelong learning. Greg tells us how he got started as a drummer at age six (pictured, in his jammies, – adorable!) , and how he made music his career. We are also treated to four minutes of the beautiful “Dontcha Know” from the Tusket CD, which is a perfecpyjamama song.

You can find Greg at Grene Genes Productions www.grene.ca      



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