TSM 15/30 The Majesty Healing Beauty of Art

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Caprice Hogg aired July 28th

We live in a world of assumption and judgment and we do not look further into what is possible from within ourselves and others. We are all capable of being great we all are given a gift that is our purpose, and no matter what life’s challenge is, we can embrace that path for it is our destiny. Caprice who has Muscular Dystrophy but does not let anything hold her back from the wonderful divine path chosen for her with her art.


Caprice first picked up her paintbrush in 1994 and quickly discovered a hidden talent.  She studied with artists Karen Hersey and Keith Smith and soon found herself in a world of colourful oils, shapes, and art techniques.  Her insatiable thirst for knowledge of art has become an obsession as Caprice eagerly reads each and every art book she can get her hands on.

In 1998, Caprice’s first solo exhibition gave her the confidence and courage to pursue painting as a full-time career. She has continued to exhibit on an ongoing basis and her works are now in private and corporate collections in Western and Eastern Canada, the United States, Europe, and New Zealand.  Caprice works and exhibits her paintings from her Studio Gallery located in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada.


Caprice prefers selling directly to her clients, as it allows her to get to know the unique people who purchase her work.  You are welcome to view Caprice’s paintings at her Studio Gallery in Kimberley, British Columbia.

Caprice feels privileged to be able to use her talent to help others.  She has donated several paintings to organizations such as  Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Wildsight Environmental Society, In-Definite Arts Society which supports art programs for people with developmental disabilities, and “Reaching E-Quality Employment Services” which assists people with disabilities to find full-time employment.  For two consecutive years, Caprice was commissioned by the Variety Club of British Columbia to produce a painting for their annual “Show of Hearts” Telethon to benefit children with special needs.   She was also commissioned, along with five other prominent Canadian women artists, to produce a painting for the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health.  Caprice is a strong advocate for the environment, animal rights and natural health, all of which are reflected in her lifestyle.


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In 2005, Caprice was honoured by her high school, The Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, with their “Wall of Distinction” Award, along with Olympic gold medal hockey player Billy Gibson.  This lifetime achievement award acknowledges career accomplishments and humanitarian efforts. Caprice received yet another honour in 2011, this time from her elementary and junior high school, St. Joseph’s School when she was inducted on to their “Wall of Fame” in Coaldale, Alberta.

Teaching art has become another passion for Caprice.  Passing on the knowledge that was passed on to her is certainly an important part of her career.  Working with children has been especially rewarding, as their innocence and imagination is inspiring!  In 2011, Caprice had a  great experience teaching “at risk” teenagers at the Kimberley Alternate School and hopes to do more in the future.

Whenever the opportunity arises, Caprice does venture past her studio door and travels to not only see new landscapes but also to art galleries and museums in Canada and abroad.  She finds them most illuminating and maintains a level of inspiration.         

Unable to physically walk through forests and climb steep mountains, Caprice calls upon the powers of her imagination to experience their beauty and majesty.  Her vibrant colours and bold strokes reflect her strong connection to mother nature.  Looking at a Caprice painting is the next best thing to being there!

Rick Hansen photo from the Lethbridge Herald.  …his tour was called “Man in Motion”..the photo caption “Man and Emotion!”.  Such a treasure!



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