Migration & Refugees shows


Here are the many shows I have done on Migrants and Refugees. When we care we learn and when we learn we understand. We all come from somewhere and every country is made up out of many who have come from somewhere else.

Sara Troy hosted these shows and is very proud to bring the voices of the world to a engaged platform.

Mirela Sula    celebrate-life-as-a-migrant-woman

Ingi Mehus migrants-multiculturalism-embracing-our-new-world  

Jason Bergen   the-migrant-voice  

Dr. Joseph Castleberry the-new-pilgrims-and-a-renewal-in-faith 

Mary Terzian politically-homeless-a-cultural-journey   

Ornela Peka  the-innocence-of-syrian-children-refugees  

Rafeal Dos Santos  this-foreigner-can-starting-a-new-life-in-a-new-country 

Tasleem Mulhall  a-womans-right-to-freedom   

Tony Selimi  are-you-truly-listening  

Aura Imbarus   out-of-the-transylvania-night

Harriet Khataba  her-story-matters

Eduardo Vazquez  mexican-immigrant-millennial-gay-modern