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Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Angela Durrant aired February 23-29th


Our voices speaks volumes about our soul intent, using them the right way will inspire and invite, let your voice be a seed of thought in another’s garden. 

Superstar singing and voice coach Angela Durrant is changing and challenging the way we nurture talent, and train voices. As a sought after voice and performance expert Angela wants to help singers and musicians and public speakers create their own path to fulfilling their singing and speaking dreams.

“When Singing is right, it’s easy” says Angela and by telling the truth, she inspires her clients to do the work needed to be the best they can be. Angela’s work includes: fixing vocal problems, developing the artist as performer and creating a unique career path.

I am positive proof that no matter how many vocal problems you have or for how long you can find and develop your true voice and potential as an artist. The truth about what is and isn’t working can hurt, but not when it’s delivered by someone who cares enough not to be a ‘yes man’ or delude you. It may be your path, but you certainly don’t have to walk it alone. In fact you can’t if you are really want to make a success of your music.”

Angela has worked for many years as one of Wales’ top vocal and performance coaches and has been described as the secret weapon behind many Welsh artists. She has worked with wide range of clients and vocal styles both in her private practice and at the University of South Wales.

She has spent the last few years developing a system called VISIBLE to help her non-singing clients to present and speak with confidence, presence and power.

She is regular contributor to the BBC on accents and speaking and is sought out by coaches, managers and leaders looking for an alternative to traditional approaches to presentation and public speaking training.

As the Founder and Creator of the  V.I.S.I.B.L.E blueprint for speaking success, Angela reveals how you can have vocal confidence, irresistible energy, Stage savvy, a take anywhere talk and learn what an audience is looking for.

By finding your own unique vocal style you can have confidence and influence.

If you are looking for the next up level in your business environment then this is the perfect way to train for that. Prepare and position yourself to step up and take hold of that promotion or phase in your life. Finding your vocal confidence, your truthful message and a system for getting that message across is what will get you noticed.


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  soundcloud.com/mobile


Angela’s own music career is diverse. As a singing coach she is fast becoming one of the top instructors in her profession. Her own vocal skills mean she is as comfortable singing opera as she is singing theatre and contemporary styles. “You can’t teach what you can’t do so I made sure I learnt. I studied just about every vocal method out there and being a performer myself means I know the road ahead they face” Angela says.“When I started my own career there was no help at all, just an unspoken belief that you would be discovered if you were with the right teacher or at the right college, which is flat bull****!”

Angela’s own story is compelling. Born into a rich musical heritage, granddaughter of George Formby Senior, and niece to the film star George Formby junior, Angela literally grew up on the side of stages watching her father perform George Formby’s greatest hits in his own comedy act. Her own ability to capture an audience was noticed at a young age when at 13 she recorded a musical and toured with it singing to thousands -“Greater than Gold” by the composer Roger Jones, the story of the girl Mary Jones who walked 26 miles across the Welsh hills to get a Bible. Little did she know that 20 yrs later she would find herself in Wales working as a sound engineer before studying at the Royal Welsh college of Music and Drama. Although her talents as a young classical singer were evident, Angela boldly left home aged 20 to ‘find herself’. “It took another 10 years to find myself” she laughs.“I know what it means to be a struggling artist, trying to get one break after another.”  Frustrated by the teaching methods of many she decided to study vocal technique at a deep level and found her new calling as a teacher and mentor.




Twitter: @angeladurrant.

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