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Aired Sept 13-26, 2016

Join Suma Nathan, Bill Macquis and their special guest Kraig Carroll author of “How Is It Possible?” for a causal, informative and inspirational discussion on  his wife’s incredible journey in overcoming her own medical challenges and years of research work that her lead to the discovery “Shirley’s Law” that will help you to live a healthier happier and more active life.

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About Kraig Carroll author of “How Is It Possible?

“We have done everything we know how to do and the team of cardiac experts quit on Shirley and called the time of death.”Introducing “Shirley’s Law” our concept of natural healing and wellness that took us seven and a half years to find and implement in the hospital after Shirley was diagnosed with the most deadly staph infection on earth, the MRSA. “How Is It Possible” is a super love story about doing the impossible, not once, not twice, but many times while trying to save my wife’s life inside a heart institute where the

experts could do nothing for my wife’s severely diabeticlly damaged heart. The toxic chemical benzene assaulted her immune system and created type 1, insulin dependent diabetes for 38 years of her adult life. During the first twenty-one years with this disease and before I came into Shirley’s life, here is some of what happened to her. Two miscarriages and one still birth, major kidney issues, eyes, teeth and liver damage. In the seventeen years we were together, How Is It Possible?she had a stroke in the back of her left eye that took her vision in that eye and this happened on 911. Now, here is what happened at the end of her life in a heart institute celebrating their 50th anniversary: four heart attacks, (v-tacs all), four heart stoppages, a heart flutter episode, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, diagnosed with the deadly MRSA staph infection, and two silver dollar size chest wounds from the forty-six shocks that were administered in the first attack, where the experts quit after forty-five minutes and called the time of death. This is when I engaged the heart pressure point technique that I had just been taught how to do over the phone five days before that allowed me to bring my wife back to life in front of the cardiac arrest experts. This was day two of sixty-two in this hospital.

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4 thoughts on “WH 16-37 How Is It Possible? with Kraig Carroll

  1. Kraig Carroll is a close friend, an exceptionally sincere Helper of Humanity – all learned the hard way through tears and trying until it all turned into wisdom.. Roy-David Woodward

  2. Kraig is a dear friend and a wonderful human being. It’s been my honor that he shared with me some of his journey in achieving his goal of putting Shirley’s story in book form. It’s such a triumph that he finally realized that dream, not just for him, but for everyone who learns from it. Kraig’s devotion to Shirley is so beautiful and impressive, as is the healing knowledge he has acquired and his desire to share it so others may benefit. May God bless him richly, and may the book be read by multitudes!

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