LM 17-11 Sacred Songs with Susanne Sundancer

“for the LOVE of Music”  with Nathen Aswell and is guest Susanne Sundancer, on air from March 14th.


Susanne Sundancer is a nordic ritual artist and singer-songwriter, living in Denmark. All through her childhood and adult life she has been creating art, performing and singing. She played her first acting role at the age of 6. At the age of 10 she became a part of a child circus and experienced being in a studio recording their own music. At 15 she learned the guitar and at 20 she became a singer in a danish band. At 27 she got her art shown at censured exhibitions and different galleries, but something was missing. There was an emptiness inside and she did not know how to fill that. In 2009 she became a mother and music and art got a whole new meaning to her. Her pregnancy opened the connection to the lineage of women giving birth before her. The transformation she experienced through her body, heart, and mind was exciting. Nature had always meant a lot to her, but now she felt that it revealed a deeper layer. By coincidence, she stumbled upon an interview with Annette Høst from Scandinavian Center of Shamanic Studies and she felt the door to her soul open. So she attended Annette’s workshops and there she got to experience how creativity, rituals, sound, songs and drumming can be a tool to enter hidden worlds and connect with spirit guides. In 2012 Susanne stepped into the wild woman path, inspired by her work with nordic shamanism. The songs began to flow to her. Songs about Mother Earth and the divine love flowing through everything. The songs initiated her and brought her home to her essence. She could feel the universal energy flowing through her body when she sang, sending shivers down her spine. Tears were flowing as she remembered where she came from, she felt home.


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The songs became the voice of her soul. They became her teachers connecting her to her inner guides; the messenger, the crone, the mistress, the shaman, the inner child, the mother, the visionary and the healer. The songs told her that she was allowed to express every emotion she had. That she was everything. She was already all that she ever wanted to be. Finally, she felt whole. The empty feeling had disappeared. The more connected she became to her essence and the wild road, the more courage she got to sing the sacred songs to others. In 2013 she founded her danish creative-spiritual company Kraftkvinden (The Woman of Power). She began using the songs in ceremony and rituals. When she was singing directly to the soul of the person in front of her, she could see their healing gifts, as tears ran down the face of the one coming home. In 2015 she turned her energy towards her international connections and created the sacred online platform called “Wild Woman Celebrating Ritual Group” a place for wild women to meet, inspire each other and make rituals. In 2016 she created her first international programs, “The Ritual Artist Program” and “Sundancer”. In almost everything she offers, creative expressions, songs, and sounds are a part of it. They are the tools that creates connections between the singer and her body, her heart and soul, her visions and dreams, the earth and the ancestors, the divine and spirits guide the ritual space, people, the community and the now.
In 2015 she invited the two danish musicians Mark Ansbjerg and Henrik Steen Jensen, to join her and form a trio that could play the sacred songs at small intimate concerts. In 2016 they played 11 living room concerts in Denmark, creating a love-filled space for people to settle down, relax, open their hearts and share the love for music. In 2017 they will continue with the intimate living room concerts but they are also looking for heart-based festivals and nature events, to play their songs at. In the future, they would love to travel and connect with music lovers from all over the world.





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