TSM 17-41 A Course In Mastering Alchemy

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guests Jim Self and Roxane Burnett, on air from October 10th

on Their Story Matterswith Sara Troy (2)A Course in Mastering Alchemy is a Course in Miracles for the 21st century, reaching far beyond that earlier programme by incorporating the significant leap in human consciousness that has been occurring since the 1980’s. This programme also has the clear and active participation of the
Archangels and Ascended Masters. London, England—For the past 30 years, Jim Self and
Roxane Burnett have been leading seminars and teaching healing, clairvoyance, and personal energy management courses. Their programme, “Mastering Alchemy,” was created in 2001. Since then, over 11,000 people have completed their three-year course. Now for the first time, Jim and Roxane have condensed the course into book form (with free online material) and are publishing
it with Watkins Publishing.
“Alchemy means altering the frequencies of our thoughts to change how we perceive and interact with the world and begin to experience a new, higher level of consciousness,” says Self. “To master alchemy, we need new energy tools of unparalleled capacity—and these are being publicly revealed in this book.”
Spiritual beings known as the Elders or Teachers of Light, have guided and directed the content of  “Mastering Alchemy” and continue to guide the programme participants. “The Elders are a group of Archangels, Lords of Light and Ascended Masters working together for the spiritual evolution of all of humanity and Mother Earth,” says Burnett. “They have orchestrated this course and are the primary authors of this book. The Collective includes Archangels Metatron, Michael, Uriel and Zadkiel, Lord Melchizedek—and Ascended Masters Yeshua, Anna, Mother Mary and others.” Unlike any other self-help programme, “Mastering Alchemy” doesn’t just speak to a person’s mind, it offers a series of deeply felt experiences—communicated through powerful guided meditations and simple instructions. Each lesson builds on the preceding one, transforming the person from the inside out. “This programme builds a platform to step out of the third-dimensional world surrounding you into a higher fifth-dimensional state of wellbeing and co-creation,” says Self.
“People who have taken this course report having more happiness, optimism, and calmness in their everyday life. They have a sense of commanding their life with certainty and graciousness. They are learning to manifest their desires in rapid fashion.


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Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author who has been leading seminars on personal energy management and the tools of Mastering Alchemy for almost 30 years. He is one of the few spiritual teachers to keep pace with the on-going Shift in human consciousness, constantly co-creating the Mastering Alchemy programme with the Teachers of Light.



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