IG 18-18 Empowered Love in the #Me2 Movement with Pam Del Franco

Igniting Our Hearts and Souls with Sara Troy and her guest Pam Del Franco, on air from May 1st 

The key to any relationship, but specifically to a partner, is to be vigilant in learning how to listen to the intuitive part of yourself. You can enter a relationship wounded; you don’t need to be all sorted out. But you do have to be willing to look at how you might be participating in bad behaviour from your partner; for example you may be suppressing your needs; putting the other person first; avoiding looking at the reality of what’s happening and being stuck in the “if only I could …he would change”. When you constantly look within yourself and ask the hard questions, you may find it easier to make choices based on your own knowing which often gets suppressed in order to make a relationship work. That’s the part of you that does know what next step to take; when to be flexible and when to stand firm; when to stay and when to walk away.

The #MeToo movement – how important is this movement and why IS IT HAPPENING NOW? 

I like to use the metaphor of a glass of water with a layer of mud on the bottom. If you’re just looking at the top it’s easy to miss all of that dirt at the bottom, but then you start to stir it up; it all mixes and muddles together and it looks like you’ll never have that clear water anymore. With time, the sediment settles back down to the bottom, and although it doesn’t actually leave the glass it has offered enough of a disturbance to acknowledge that it’s there.

The #MeToo movement is about that disturbance. Many women are coming forward speaking about things that happened to them 20 or 30 years ago. Some people comment that it was so long ago just leave it alone, what’s the point in bringing it up now. The point is that heartbreak, sadness, or fear don’t operate on the same timeline as our minds do on a day-to-day basis. Just like someone that can smell the aroma of apple pie and be immediately taken back to a time in the kitchen with their mother baking and re-experience the joy of that moment, we too can also immediately be transported back to a time where the experience made you feel scared, ashamed and alone.

The #MeToo movement is the mud at the bottom of the glass and it’s being stirred up. It’s not entirely new; we experienced similar ideology in the 1960’s but now with the power of social media, it offers a much wider platform. In that way, it’s even in more powerful because the #MeToo is easily accessible across generations of women.



Any growth in humanity is important and I hope that in my lifetime I will be able to witness that we have the ability to #RiseUp not only for women’s equality but to move beyond that and become humanity moving forward together regardless of gender.

Pam Del Franco is a spiritual medium, counsellor, author and workshop facilitator. She has spent over 20 years helping women trust their intuition and feel more empowered. Pam graduated as a Social Service Worker in 1994, is a Certified Hypnotherapist. She has studied her dreams since 1986 and developed a dream interpretation app, Dulcis Somnium. Her memoir, Walking Out of the Fire, published in 2006, describes her experiences with physical, mental and emotional abuse and how she survived against all odds. She lives with her fur-baby Molly and enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.

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