IG 18-25 Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer with Sherry Morgan

Ignite Your Heart and Souls with Sara Troy and her guest Sherry Morgan, on air from June 19th

Prayer, it is not only for the church but your divine connection to your God and can be done anytime from anywhere. Sherry shows us a way to have the art of prayer in our lives that comes from our hearts and souls and is not based on a religion.

Sometimes people ask me, “What is prayer? says Sherry

That happens to be a question I ask the participants who attend the primary program I teach, Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer. Everyone has a different answer, but there is a common thread – that prayer has something to do with communication. That’s where we begin our experiential exploration. People discover that prayer has more to do with conversation than with communication. Prayer is meant to be more like a dialogue than a one-way monologue.

Spirit exists in, around and throughout all things, including we humans of course. It is all the same spirit, but the manifestation of spirit into form gives each form particular characteristics, gifts and challenges. Unique to humans is our cognitive mind, which is a great gift to help us get along in life – but, mind is also a culprit when trying to connect with Spirit. More here on Reflections of prayer.

Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer is a 2-1/2 day workshop available to anyone over the age of 15. It is not important whether or not participants have a spiritual or religious background. The Core Basis of Prayer is the experience of connection and relationship we all share with aspects of divine/spirit in Nature, which is our birthright. When we experience that connection there remains no doubt that we are connected in Love. From the place of connection, healing occurs and guidance for our lives is accessed.

In this workshop, we will look at what it is that got in the way of our inherent experience of connection and use effective tools (discussion, storytelling, a particular meditation style, drum journeys, and sharing) that help put those artificial barriers aside.

This workshop is the first part of a larger program called, Exploring the Phenomenon of Prayer.


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Sherry Morgan had a special spiritual experience in 1982 and from that time experienced a growing sense of being guided. Initially, this guidance had a lot to do with personal growth work, a change in work from the corporate world to the holistic health world, and urges to spiritualize, which Sherry explored as well as she knew how to do. Then in 1993, those urges were “to go, leave, travel.” In 1995, Sherry set off in a Volkswagen Van for unknown destinations and unknown duration, knowing she would be led. She found her way to don David Wiley, now initiated as an elder Huichol shaman and an elder Náhuatl weather-working shaman. Don David works very closely with the elemental Fire, known by different names in a different culture, but in English usually by Grandfather Fire. Fire is the energy of our heart and the warmth and connectedness of all things.

Taught and guided by Fire, as well as by Ojibwa, Náhuatl and Huichol elders, Sherry came to learn of her calling to teach people about prayer. From the primary 2-1/2 day workshop, Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer, Sherry has developed other programs all designed to help people access healing and their own direct guidance for their lives.

Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer is a Lifeways offering of the international Sacred Fire Community. Sherry was the founding President of Sacred Fire Foundation in 2005 and is still an active volunteer, and she is a founding donor of the related organization, Blue Deer Center. In 1998 Sherry was initiated as a quiatlzques (one who works to establish a relationship with Weather for the benefit of her village) in the Náhuatl indigenous tradition of Mexico, and she is Matron for ceremonial work at a sacred mountain connected with Weather in Ontario, Canada. Sherry greets the weather at home in beautiful Victoria, BC. Learn more about Sherry’s offerings at


Email: Love is Round.