IG18-30 Igniting our Voice to Movement with Bisia Belina

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest  Bisia Belina, on-air from July 24th


To clear your mind and release your stress, you have to follow your ‘out breath’ and your body will respond and find the ‘flow ‘ again. Join Sara and Bisia on how movement and sound helps you find your ease.

We are going to talk about breath – specifically the out breath, the exhalation, that brings you back to center.

When working with my clients as an RMT, the focus is helping them to let go of their ‘out breath’, to let go of the breath because with exhalation comes relaxation. You become heavier and more connected to your body Breath and body connect, you leave your mind behind and find space between your thoughts.

When teaching how to use the voice in singing, the focus is on the

‘out breath’ as well. Here, breath and sound connect. Sound and singing is all based on allowing the sound to ride the out breath. Emotion is what gives sound, texture, colour and feel. Through movement, the body gives rhythm and time.

Why is movement a part of VoiceWorks and SoundBody studio?

Movement is a way to challenge the fear that keeps us in the box of self-limitation and fear.

Movement connects voice and emotion through the body.

Sound Body Studio, teaches how tuning into your body, sensing your anatomy, coming back to alignment gives you a more ‘ lived sense’ of your instrument.

As a singer, “You are the instrument”. Your body is the instrument and getting in touch with it, is one more way back to center, back to self.

Sensing Anatomy and Vocal Anatomy workshops teach people how to get reacquainted with their bodies by exploring the flesh, the bones and space of their instruments. They learn how to be ‘in their bodies ‘and how to be present to ‘its’ needs. Questions explored in workshops:

How do you connect with your body?

Do you live with pain?

How do you manage your pain?

How does pain affect your breath, your instrument?

As Sound vibrates, resonances increase in a relaxed body. There is less of an effort and more ease, more air and more joy.

When you connect with your body, it supports your song and movement.

Improvisation is about self-trust, granting oneself permission, curiosity and exploration. All these skills apply to daily living.

Working with the Entry Points to Improv help us to be ‘present’ to the lives we are living. This is mindfulness not in meditation but in action.  Examples of entry points are:

Using words to begin explorations- such as syncopation of words, words and time, words and rhythm.

Using story – personal or storytelling – using musical skills – How rhythm, time, melody, harmony are the skills we use to help us create “music that composes us.”

Using body/movement – understanding one’s movement and understanding ones pain.- expanding movement vocabulary sourced from Chi Gong, Feldenkrais, Yoga and a variety of movement practices ex: Laban/Bartinieff movement patterning and dance.


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 Bisia Belina is a Healthcare practitioner, Health and Wellness Educator, Vocal and Movement Coach and Founder of SoundBody Studio. Where she offers body-centred therapy and expressive movement arts to
“ tune in, tune-up and compose yourself”….
Thirty-one years as a practising Registered Massage Therapist and twenty years as an active singer, performer and vocal body coach, Bisia has combined both her consuming interests and developed an approach to health and wellness by using a fusion of voice and movement strategies that help people access and maintain their physical, emotional and mental health.
Bisia is also actively engaged in creating and performing VocalBody Arts .
She recently produced and was the artistic director for a multimedia performance “ Sound is a Wave” at Metro Studio Theatre in November of 2017. This was a showcase of 9 original voice and movement pieces, performed by students and teachers of SoundBody Studio. It was also an opportunity for Bisia to present three of her artistic compositions that merge original music, video and movement: Cracking Wide Open, Toi Moi and Water.
SoundBody Studio offers expressive vocal movement arts and body awareness classes as
* a way to get back to centre
* as a creative personal practice
* as artistic development and expression
* as a professional stress management system for adults who have forgotten the
the restorative power of playfulness.
Offerings at the studio are open to all who are interested in expanding their
experience of voice and its intimate connection to their body.
VoiceWorks classes; Anatomy, Vocal Anatomy and VocalBody Arts series and