Viral Awakening

As I drive around and see all the Blossoms in bloom, I realize that nature is taking back her planet and that nature will always prevail. The Covid 19 Virus is but and an invitation to wake us up because it is shaking us up to step it up in making massive changes in all aspects of our lives.

While the virus is shutting our lives down, it is healing the planet with less pollution from us, we are seeing nature reclaim its place with the dolphins in Venice and lakes and rivers running cleanly and everyone able to breathe more fresh air.

We have learned a valuable lesson in cleanliness, the simplicity of washing our hands can save lives. We have seen the negative impact on this planet with our pollution with our cars and industries. We have had to wake up to the fact that we the humans are indeed the true virus on this planet and that we have to stop being so nonchalant and entitled and realize we created this mess, and we can with changing our ways, clean it up again.

Let us step up and show Mama Nature that we can respect this wonderful planet of her’s, and we can give back and not just take. Let us look at our opulence and re think what we eat, how much we eat, how much we buy, how much we waste.

This is a time of reflection, a time of new connections, within our selves, with each other and with this divine planet.

A Gift of time in this Isolation

With the gift of the internet, we can reach out to each other and support each other during these toubled times. We can listen (right here on this network) to the wisdom of solutions in healing us and this planet. We can enjoy our home, our family, our animals, and open up conversations that we have not had time for in the past.

I do hope we come out of this stronger, in spirit, in body, in mind, and in action, for actionisim is needed right now, and that is one of planning to live our lives in a more respectful way in all aspects of our lives.

Let us stop being the virus on this planet, and let us start looking forward to all the solutions and connections that are just waiting for us to implement.

I ask at this time for you are to stay strong, to not panic, to choose this time to look forward to living life differently and to respect and support each other while we navigate these turbulant waters. We will come out of this stronger, wiser, and with more empathy and concideration for each other and planet.

My love and support is with you always, may you step into your faith and trust we will grow stronger for this. Let us send prayers to all those on the front lines, for with out them we would not survive at all. My love goes out to all how are effected in any way, and stay strong, you are not alone.



Sara Troy

Self Discovery Media NETWORK