Always there is Good in things. by Dianne Shaver

There’s no dispute dealing with something the scope of an illness circling the globe is difficult, but what if there were some aspects that eventually produce good? 

Things I see: 

People are actually talking to one another about what they think and feel.

Because this virus is circling the globe it shows us, despite a trend toward nationalism, we are all connected, there are no borders or boundaries separating us.

Fear spreads faster than any virus and its effect is toxic.

  We are given the choice to move into acting from fear or just being cautions, educating ourselves and using common sense.

It gives us the opportunity for compassion and concern for others when we refuse to give into fear.

As we watch various world leaders their reaction shows us who they are, what they value and care about, what kind of human they really are

This gives us a chance to reflect on our life: how we live, what we value, how we spend our time, what we want our life to stand for.

It reminds us that life is precious and not to be taken for granted.

For me, I don’t believe anything is random. No matter the appearance, to me, everything serves a purpose and that purpose is to help us evolve into better humans even if that’s not apparent at the moment.When all is said and done some good will come of this. And, that doesn’t deny the pain, suffering, angst, sadness it also brings. That is very real and cannot be talked or written away. I don’t in any way want to minimize that. The attempt here is to show there are always beneficial results that come after devastation. They both exist side by side. Another aspect of living. 

My concern, caring and condolences to all who are or have been affected by this illness.

Dianne J. Shaver, M.A.

Dianne is a Mentor with Discovering Communities and her shows and info can be found here.