C20-17 Michael Clogs and Sara Troy on the Invisible Lesson of Covid

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and Michael Clogs, on-air from April 21st

Michael says that Life has changed right before our eye because of a silent, tasteless invisible being.

That being is here to teach a lesson about what it means to be connected to life in this Universe. We are not standing above all others in life we are not all-important. What we are is another see of particle and waves just like the virus who is delivering the message. If we all work together and learn to reconnect with our planet our species shall live and thrive in the balance of nature if we not.
Sara says that this is not only a gift of time to reflect, review and renew our lives path, but also an invite to come together as on the human race all experiencing the same crisis. Mama earth is not happy with us and the way we treat the planet and life on it, so consider this a warning, for next time it may be a full-on eviction.  More on Sara Here

Michael Clogs
Growing I was told that my opinion did not matter. Nothing I said would ever impact anyone and that I should learn to take orders from those who were smarter than I was. When I told my school advisors that I wanted to attend university they sat me and my mother done to explain why people like me would never be able to do anything more than a simple trade and university was not the place for me. I did attend university and became a very successful chemical engineer and analyst. But that was not enough I found a calling to help people change their lives and change the world. Most media business owners are after dollars and build shows simply to make money. I build shows that are designed to inspire change in our world. I want everyone to know they have a voice worth listening to and they have a message that can help empower at least one person to live a brilliant life. While, yes our shows at Depiction Media do make us money and attract sponsor listeners my hope and my goal is to touch as many lives and the money helps me find more lives to change.

Our company is found on the idea that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard. If you are in a state of around speaking out. Please remember this your story could change the life of just one person and what that one person you touched help change the course of humanity to a society filled with Love, Trust and Beauty where every living being is respected.