VG20-32 Veteran Chris Greenfield & Coffee, Autism, and Marketing

Our Global Veterans with Sara Troy and her guest Chris Greenfield, on air from August 4th

Chris is a Veteran of 14 years, navigating a new life and having to redirect because of Autism, Covid, and other life redirects, but finding his way using his adaptable skills.

I love a good coffee, but knowing that the coffee been makers are being supported and in how so many benefit, really give power to a cup of good coffee.

We, at Roaster’s Marketplace, believe that coffee is an experience meant to be shared. We are happy to introduce you to your local roasters.

Enjoy the connection. Enjoy the experience. Enjoy your coffee.

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Our founder and the visionary behind Roaster’s Marketplace, Chris is a 13-year Veteran of the U.S. Army where he served in many roles. From being a Team leader and Squad leader through multiple combat deployments to training new Soldiers as a Basic Training Drill Sergeant. Chris left the service int 2013 to pursue a family and college education. He graduated with Honors from Sam Houston State University in December of 2016. Since then Chris has built experience in social media management, web design, logistics, and launched multiple successful marketing campaigns in a variety of industries. He also is a published writer and photographer with articles in several nationally published lifestyle magazines. In between all of this he spends most of his time caring for two small children, cooking delicious meals, and brewing coffee.



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