The Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in rising unemployment rates. Many industries have been hit hard by the virus and many companies have folded. Millions of people have lost their jobs.

If you’re one of the many people now unemployed because of COVID-19, don’t worry, there are still companies out there willing to hire new talent in an effort to keep their companies afloat and tackle the virus.

Here we’ll show you some of the most resilient jobs during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Science

Data Science is a discipline that’s shaping the future of the healthcare sector and many other industries. More importantly, those working in the field are doing an outstanding job within the medical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The work consists of analyzing data to detect patterns so scientists can forecast situations through data insights. Although this is a relatively new career, there has always been a high demand for data scientists because any company can benefit from these professionals. 

If you’re not familiar with this discipline, there are some great boot camps out there that will train you to become a professional data scientist. One of the most in-depth courses is Galvanize’s data science Bootcamp. Here you’ll learn about the fundamentals of statistics and how to work with programming languages like Python. 

Software Engineering

The telemedicine industry has become a very important tool during COVID-19 lockdowns across the globe. Telemedicine has become the primary source for medical aid in non-fatal cases. 

Most telemedicine companies need Software Engineers to maintain or update their platforms, so this is a job that has remained secure during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies look to hire more software engineers. 

To become a software engineer, you’ll need to learn how to code and you can do so by applying for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or by taking online courses, the latter of which is the quickest option. Flatiron School offers an immersive software development course where you can learn everything you need to know in a short period of time.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has shown its potential during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing researchers to study the spread of the virus, forecast its impact and advise governments on what steps should be taken to protect their citizens. 

Machine learning is also being applied by drug companies looking to find a COVID-19 cure. With machine learning, drug developers can develop drugs faster, find new medicine to help treat the infected and contribute to the discovery of a cure.

Drug development companies, government research initiatives and the healthcare industry are just some of the sectors currently looking to hire employees who possess the skills to apply machine learning.

Although there is no specific Bachelor’s Degree in machine learning, you can always learn this skill through a machine learning Bootcamp. At Springboard’s machine learning Bootcamp, you’ll not only learn about machine learning engineering but also train to develop deep learning products, which is another in-demand skill in the tech industry.


The COVID-19 pandemic has left scores of people battling mental distress and psychologists have joined the ranks of many other professionals offering their services remotely via online consultations.

With increased levels of stress and anxiety throughout populations across the world, the role of psychologists has become vital during he COVID-19 pandemic, allowing this profession to remain resilient.


If you’re one of the millions out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic you may be feeling depressed or lost, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. There are companies still hiring despite the situation. 

Some skills are essential to overcome the pandemic and many people are upgrading their skill sets to respond and enter new careers which will allow them to work remotely during ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns.

By Artur.