Who Is Your Real Self?

Can’t help noticing there are many who are following a particular rhetoric and way of living but when questioned about why they are doing that they are unable to answer. Sometimes life can feel difficult and hard. We all experience that. When you feel that way you have some choices:

1) You can learn what you need to learn from what’s going on and then put all your focus on resolving it.

2) You can find others who support you in the believe that life sucks and find something to blame your circumstances on and not look at the choices you are making.

 When you choose the later you have to give up the most precious thing you have – your inner sense of what is best for you. It’s that fail-safe part of every human being. When you over-ride it and follow someone else’s dictates you lose your most precious asset. And, by the way, most adults ignore it so you are not alone. Even if you are successful, you are very often cut off from your True Self.

 Why are you are living the life you are living when you know it’s not right for you but you keep on doing it? It takes courage and determination to change. But the reward is finally being who you really are. Being free, feeling liberated and a sense of being your True Self.

 Because it’s the work I’ve dedicated my life to (and no, I am not perfect in any way and I am, like you, always growing and evolving), I created The Audit.

 If you are ready to finally be free to be your True Self, if you are committed to living a life that’s the Real You, in 13 weeks, I am committed to getting you to a place where you know who you are, your unique gifts and the path you are meant to follow because it comes from your Real Self.

You can finally experience freedom, liberation and the joy of being who you were created to be, the Real You. But only if you are ready.

 Welcome to The Audit, if you are ready.

Dianne J. Shaver, M.A.