“How to Use Your Sexual Power to Create the Life You Love!”

Our Sensual Expressions with Dr Shelly Negelow, La Shonda Herring and Barbara L. McClure. Interviewed by Sara Troy.

Dear Friends,

I am excited to share an incredible Masterclass with you, learn “How to Use Your Sexual Power to Create the Life You Love!”  This FREE Masterclass is scheduled for September 23, 2020, followed by a Q & A on September 24, 2020…both beginning at 4PM PDT, 7PM EDT.

Are you avoiding intimacy, or do you lack confidence in the way you look or feel? Are you not sure how to tap into your sexual power? Are you unsatisfied with your life or can’t figure out how to get the life you desire?  Is your libido low or non-existent?  Are you holding onto old ideas and thoughts from experiences in past relationships? Then…THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!!

You will learn how to find your power to attain the life you desire by using tools and information taught by the expert teachers of Power of Feminine Sexuality:

  • La Shonda Herring, MSW,
  • Barbara McClure, RN, BS. and…
  • Myself, Dr. Shelley Negelow.

I can’t wait to share this powerful Masterclass with you. My passion is for all women to have the best life possible.




Power of Feminine Sexuality:

What you will learn in this Dynamic Program, how to …

 Use sexual energy to manifest  Be a powerful energy being

 Create what you want in your life  Release sexual fears, anxiety, or concerns

 Express my sexuality in all areas of my life  Love all of my body

 Manifest easily  Develop the best intimate relationships that are completely satisfying

 Cut the connections to old relationships, connections or baggage and

feel completely free.

 Of course, how to have great orgasms  And so much more fun

Once you complete the program…

Create the Life You Absolutely LOVE!

Dr. Shelley is an advocate for women, relationships and families! For over 30 years she has been mentoring and teaching women through one-on-one private sessions tailored to their personal and professional growth. 

She also developed and teaches the life-changing, Power of Woman Seminar, which trains women in creating extraordinary results and turns the fire back on in their lives! Dr. Shelley says it is your birthright to live your life with focused passion and purpose… and more joy and love! It brings you to an experience of freedom, so you have the quality of life we all seek. She teaches “Real Tools for Real Life Extraordinary Results.” Your roadmap and foundation for success! Along with her husband Dr. Tom Negelow, she co-founded Academy for Conscious Living and teaches the Relationship Mastery Seminar for couples and individuals.  She is the author of “The Master In The Mirror:  A Woman’s Guide to Living a Passionate & Joyful Life.”



La Shonda Herring is a born teacher, trainer and leader with a vast array of knowledge. She holds two degrees a BA in Psychology   and MSW. She holds over 10 certifications including, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, Yoni Stream Practitioner and Reiki (Womb Reiki).

Serving clients throughout the world with best-selling books, training, workshops, and retreats. She is known for guiding her clients to look within to create alignment, so they design the life and business they love. She is also the founder of The League of Entrepreneurs Academy launching fall 2020.



Barbara McClure is a Registered Nurse with over 35 years of Wellness and Aesthetic Nursing experience and the owner and operator of A Defined Image Medical Wellness Centre in Snellville , GA. 

With a lifetime love for Wellness and Anti-aging, she brings her knowledge and expertise to her patients to provide them with result-oriented medical and aesthetic treatments. Her recent studies include education in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and women’s health issues.

 Along with Dr. David Lentz, MD, and Medical Director of the Centre, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement,  Medical Weight Loss and Votiva treatments have been added to help women and men to lead healthier, higher quality lives while adding years to their lives .

“Supporting women to look and feel their very best…body, mind , and spirit is my passion”





KP, Virginia.:

Yes – I’d do it again! It was a “just right” fit for me and felt very personalized

– even being in a group and virtual. This 12-week class (Connect to the

Real You) was transformational and a “just right” fit. It helped me unpack

my past to own my present and intentionally design my future. I am more

connected to myself than ever before and now have the knowledge and

skills to continue on this trajectory. Thank you, LaShonda!!


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