QS20-40 Lumari and The 12 Streams Of Consciousness

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Lumari, on air from September 29th

I have always been intuitive and a channel. I was born that way. I have also always been highly creative. Now I know that since I channel the frequencies of Creation, that it is a natural way of being for me. I always wrote, channeled, and more, and never knew that’s what I was doing. I was just being me.

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Before I was an intuitive coach I was a multi-discipline artist. I graduated with a BFA in 4 majors, Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewelry and Education. I created installation sculptures, sometimes combined with poetry. I had a very successful career as an artist. I received grants and fellowships, had exhibitions in museums, gallery representation, was active in the arts community, as well as being totally self-supporting in the days when starving artist was the norm. I had a fabulous artist rep who was selling my work to private clients.

I was driving to deliver some large installation pieces to my Artist Rep who was selling them to a major collector. Excited. Happy. Knowing my career was going to the next level, we (Peter my husband and I) we happily driving!

Then BAM! I got hit by a MACK Truck! Literally!
Our lives changed in that instant. Our car flew into the air landed – just about totaled.
(Being hit by a MACK Truck! is a metaphor in the US for getting painfully slammed and stopped cold – a MACK Truck is one of those huge 18 wheelers you want to avoid)

That day changed my life. Short story – we delivered my art, then went to the doctors and then spent years working on my healing process.
I knew I could no longer physically do my artwork. It was over.

AND … all of the time I was an artist, I was giving intuitive guidance to people I knew. I had well-known friends and will just advise them about things.
While I was in the hospital (for a month) one of my friends asked my for guidance about a corporate take-over of her corporation. I actually did the readings and coaching over the phone in my hospital bed and – helped her avert the corporate take-over. She was the one who told me that this had to be my new career. And that’s what happened. I realized so many things through the accident and subsequent healing and I could see that all of my gifts, creative, intuitive and more, came from my Divine connections and channeling creation.

So, here we are today.

Now, I channel the brilliance of the Universe and Creation, write transformational books, coach clients across the globe, and more in the frequencies of creation to uplift our world.

NOW is the time to share our wisdom, bring higher frequencies to our planet, and help uplift our world.
My new book, Streams Of Consciousness, reveals the twelve clear, vibrational, spiritual trails of energy that were created for humanity and form the fundamental structures of our society, culture, and tribal instincts. Each of the twelve Streams of Consciousness has its own special focus, energies, teachings, attunements, and vibrational acceleration that opens a direct personal connection with the Divine.

Now, with the knowing, qualities and higher frequencies of these streams, you can move into a greater direct connection with the Divine and through these energies and your own gifts, truly uplift our world. We need that now.


And you can resonate with and access these evolutionary, multi-dimensional streams of energy, while you are reading the book!!!

Lumari’s new book Streams Of Consciousness

Link on AMAZON and on my website –


Lumari is a gifted, internationally acclaimed Intuitive Coach, Creative Catalyst and Conscious Channel who has shown thousands of people all over the world how to awaken and live their soul callings and Create and Activate your Bigger Vision.

She is an award winning and bestselling author of numerous break-through spiritual metaphysical books. Lumari is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal and planetary change, evolution and awakening. Her enlightening coaching, wisdom teachings, courses and books share the vibrations of creation to uplift your life and our world.

Free Gift: Personal Sacred Space meditation

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Lumari’s Personal Sacred Space meditation helps you feel clear and whole, connected to your deeper self and be in touch with your own energy, vision and purpose. This generates an inclusive, beautiful, healing energy for you and around you.

This Personal Sacred Space audio meditation is a special gift to help you engage in your own brilliance, feel the beauty of your soul and spirit, appreciate yourself and shine in your life.

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  • The Twelve Streams of Consciousness existing on this planet have existed since the most ancient of times and yet, have remained hidden and unknown. Why is now the time to reveal these sacred vibrational pathways and alignments?
  • You mention that The Streams Of Consciousness create unique and powerful connections with the Divine, can you tell us more about these energies?

The Individual Streams Of Consciousness are;

  • The Stream of Purity
  • The Stream of Honor
  • The Stream of Compassion
  • The Stream of Neutrality
  • The Stream of Harmony
  • The Stream of Beauty and Grace
  • The Stream of Wisdom
  • The Stream of Truth
  • The Stream of Radiance
  • The Stream of Reciprocity
  • The Stream of Universality
  • The Stream of Unity