BB20-45 Elaine Jacques. The Art of Making Connections

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Elaine Jacques, on air from October 27th.

Connecting is an art, and some people do it so well. Meet Elaine Jacques, a wonderful connector on Linked-in, and who knows how to make people feel good and heard. She knows how to connect people and supports them in a way that is extraordinary through interaction and sharing.

Elaine’s passions are helping others have more effective communication and more transformative conversations. And coaching of people in their Legacy phase (successful career people around the age of 50+ who are looking to extend their focus out from just climbing the corporate ladder to making a greater footprint on the world and leave a legacy that will live on beyond them).

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Elaine Jacques is an International Coach Federation certified coach and a medical Speech-Language Pathologist. Elaine’s YOU+1% today! Coaching focuses on answering the questions:  What’s your really big goal? and What’s one thing you can do today? Elaine Jacques is a career and leadership development coach who supports people making career transitions and people wanting to create their legacy to do so more confidently and effectively.

Prior to becoming an International Coach Federation certified coach, Elaine’s 20-year professional experience includes international education, business, human resources, payroll, event planning, international travel coordination, customer/employee relations, website development/management, mentoring, supervision, training, marketing, public speaking, and serving on a non-profit’s board of directors. Elaine is also a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist with 14 years of experience in acute care hospitals.

Elaine’s coaching approach is formulated from evidence-based research in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, mindfulness, and strengths. She specializes in applying neuroscience from medical speech pathology and body language training to help her clients achieve their goals more effectively and confidently. Coaching is customized to meet the individual needs of her clients.



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