IG20-51 Code Connection 2021. Jesse An Nichols George

Ignite our heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Jesse AN Nichols George. On air from December 15th

Life on Earth is quite beautiful; but it can also be challenging to figure out how to be in Divine Flow when we are living in a 3D world.  As a result, we often go through challenges in life; which push us to our limits, and test our commitment to living in our soul self.  Even when we fully trust our intuition; we don’t always honor what we need to be doing.  It can still be hard to tell when we need to push forward, and when we need to take a break.  It can be hard to understand why we are going through the experiences that we do in life.  It is through honoring the self, and understanding the experiences we have in life; that we are able to move through this world with the wisdom of the soul self.  The Code Journey, emerged out of a journey of great hardship and heartbreak.  It was created, to help all that want it; to have hope in the darkness, and understanding in the challenges, and to honor and welcome the blessings.  It is a guide to help people no matter where they are in life to hold compassion for themselves and others; while moving through whatever life gives to us.

An is a Magi walk-in from the multi-verse.  She stepped into this existence to relieve another soul, known as Jesse.  She continues to use the human name for the body of Jesse An Nichols George; but goes by the name An.  Jesse and An are part of the same Magi team; which work to assist people in living compassionately, wisely, and harmoniously.  Their work helps people to be conscious of their wholeness, and how they are existing.
Through the human vehicle, Jesse and An have created 7 books on their own, with an 8th one to be released in the Fall of 2020.  Jesse was also a collaborator on the International multiple times Best Seller in multiple categories “Embraced by the Divine:  The Emerging Woman’s Gateway To Power, Passion, and Purpose”.  Jesse hosted her own international radio show The Code Connection for 5 years and created the Genesis Clearing Statement.

An focuses on carrying out The Code Journey work by producing a new edition each year, to guide people in how to maneuver life on Earth.  As a Coding Interpreter, she helps people understand the flow of their energy in this world, and how to bring that into Divine Alignment.  Her work utilizes approximately 39 years of experience teaching and working with clients, as well as blending Eastern and Western philosophies through over 50 different modalities.

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 An’s human self is a 13+ generation spiritual healer, energy tuner, spiritual, and wellness coach.  She is also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner; honoring and appreciating the harmony of all things, and working with the natural cycles of life.  This bloodline history includes everything from Freedom Fighters like George Washington, a lead translator and Hebrew scholar involved in the original translations of the Bible, a 4-star general in the Airforce, royalty, Apache and Cherokee Indian, European farming, many of the Celtic and Northern European influences, as well as a bit of Norse energy.  As a Magi, An works with all-star seeds, soul groupings, and existences.


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