YH21-12 Claire is The Naked Warrior

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Claire Johnson, on air from March 23rd

Why be average when you can be alpha?  The 3 key principles to achieving success with your mindset, training and nutrition.

Claire is the CEO of The Naked Warrior which delivers 3 winning online coaching programs and Founder of The Naked Warrior Tribe online community plus author of two books – The Winning Formula :Discover the Secrets to Unleash Your Alphafemale and The Winning Physique:  How to Get the Competitive Edge on Stage. 

Claire is a leading female mindset, nutrition and training coach and who is focused on empowering women to lose the mental junk holding themselves back plus identify their triggers and self sabotage habits so they can create strategies to achieve success and their desired results.

Through her tribe community Claire is driven to help 10,000 women be bold, brave and unafraid and take back control of their lives.  The unique mindset, nutrition and training coaching help them overcome the blockages and mental junk holding them back with achieving their desired results.

Claire has previously featured in Marie Claire, Clean Eating, Oxygen, Women’s Fitness, Bride to Be and Essex Baby plus I created and presented an online TV channel for Australia and NZ’s largest Personal Training Franchise. 

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