IG 21-13 David and Carla Crossing Paths throughout their many lives.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guests, Dave and Carla, on air from March 30th

After their paths crossed throughout their lives, David and Carla discovered through meditation and regression that reincarnation is real and that they have over 29 past lives together.


Dave and Carla are like-minded souls. They have been close friends since 1998. The two have a spiritual kinship that has taken them through 29 past lives together.

The story they tell in The Gift of Past Lives with Mother, Isabella, God and Elizabeth aims to liberate people from the traps of conceit, jealousy and selfishness and choose love in all actions.


The Gift of Past Lives with Mother, Isabella, God & Elizabeth


Hell No, Reincarnation? with Mother, Isabella, God & Elizabeth

Dave and Carla have been close friends since 1998. Feeling a deeper, spiritual kinship for each other. Dave and Carla had spontaneous memories of 29 past lives together while meditating. They went on to get past life regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss. Now Dave and Carla spread the message of love and kindness and teach holistic approaches to healing. They teach meditation at their local university and senior centers. Dr Dave was a Registered Nurse for 10 years before returning to medical school. He recently retired from his private practice. Dr. Dave now serves as the Vice President of Medical Affairs at a small midwestern Hospital. Carla recently retired as his office manager. They now share thier message together. The gift of past lives and love is the answer.





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