AK21-20 Jenny Story. Dysnomia Trilogy a Fantasy Fiction.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Jenny Story, on air from May 18th

Jenny is speaking about her Fantasy Fiction Trilogy, Dysnomia her second book of the series that has just been published on May 1st, 2021. Also, she is a 2D and 3D Animator and am doing a short-animated film and also doing a script for her Trilogy books, making them into movies. All this and a self-advocate for Autism.

Jenny is a self-advocate for Autism and shines her light on other Autistics and to go after their dreams and lets anyone say they can’t. She won the 2020 Self Advocate Award at the Autism BC Awards. And the money she was given for winning was $1000.00 and I gave half of it to a Single Mom and two Autistic boys and the other half of it I gave to Spectrum Productions who work with Autistic individuals.

I had a documentary filmed about me through Telus Optik not long ago and again to shine a positive for Autism and give others hope and see anything is possible. To believe in yourself.

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Jenny Story was born in Yellowknife but lived the majority of her life in Vernon, B.C. She attended Vancouver Film School in 2011 to 2013 and became a 2D and 3D Animator. She is also an author of a best-selling, award winning book called, “Dysnomia Outcast on A Distant Moon”, the first of a trilogy and her second book, “Dynomia, Home Lies in Your Heart”, just was published May 1st, 2021. She won the ANCA World Autism Festival for Literary Arts in 2016, a finalist for Book of Excellence Awards in 2019, and was the winner of the Self Advocate Award at the Autism BC Awards 2020. Recently, she was in a Telus Original Documentary with another autistic individual called “Stories from the Spectrum: Growing up with Autism”. During the covid-19 pandemic, she has been writing the third book and working on an animated short that she hopes to also share this year. Also writing the script for the first book as making the Trilogy into Animated movies. Despite being diagnosed with Autism, Jenny has always remained focused on pursuing her dreams and is passionate about inspiring others to do the same.

Free Give away:   I would like to, through my Mom, give away my Mom’s book about me, “The Autistic Author and Animator”, that takes a person through my journey with Autism, through her eyes, as she was my rock, sounding board, and voice.  They can contact me on my website for this and will get back to them.

HEAR JENNY AND HER Mums story here.


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