LM21-20. DC & After “Whoomp!”There it is..

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest DC Glenn, on air from May 18th

Recently featured in the fun Auto Insurance Commercial for Geico the 90s classic Reel School HIP HOP  due TAG TEAM is back on TOP. Bursting onto the scene with their TOP OF THE POPS hit and automatically became one of those songs that stick in your head. “Whoomp! (There It Is).” The track quickly climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B charts in just 14 days. The song continues to appeal to admirers who were raised in the ‘90s and appeals to new enthusiasts of every era as it is recognised as a true symbol of the time. “Whoomp! (There It Is)” has been showcased in world-class nationwide ad campaigns as well as in Hollywood hit motion pictures and television series

Other top songs from their hit album  Whoomp! (There It Is)  includes “Freestyle” and “U Go Girl”.  Spanning the spectrum from TV and Radio Adverts, programs, films, and sporting events TAG TEAM’s music has risen to be the defining 90’s Hip Hop Melodic Voice.  The big hit “Whoomp!” remains highly relevant and those ranging in age from 8 to 108 continue to groove and boogie down to the exceptional tune.

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With ‘90s hip-hop more recognisable than ever, venues all over the world are energized to watch Tag Team live and in action. Social media has also supplied a new avenue for converting music enthusiasts into “Whoomp!” fans. DC Glenn and Steve thrive on hooking up with brand new fans who have discovered them via viral Facebook posts and appreciate seeing their blissful faces when they listen to the song performed live.

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Tag Team pioneers DC The Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln stay dedicated to entertaining fans and delivering an old-school hip-hop blowout to hotspots around the world. Audiences for Tag Team events vary in age from the very young to the ‘old fools from the old school’ and “Whoomp!” delivers the ‘90s experience like no other. DC Glenn and Steve love the powerful experience of looking over a jam-packed arena and comprehending how much their simple song has inspired the lives of countless millions throughout the world. The legendary tune and dynamic high school friends captivate those of every generation as their style speaks to folks who remember when hip-hop was truly hip-hop. The degree of anticipation at a Tag Team concert is almost palpable as fans wait in delight for the high-energy party that’s to come. 

In addition to their consistent old school performing schedule, both DC Glenn and Steve Rolln are also sought-after international speakers. A professional voice artist and actor, DC Glenn is represented by the People Store Agency in Atlanta and frequently talks on the challenges of the music industry. Steve Rolln, a talented music producer who regularly looks for fresh talent, addresses sophisticated ways of getting into the industry. Both DC Glenn and Steve are sought-after presenters at music training seminars, law colleges and universities, and entertainment industry events.

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