YH21-21 Megan Edge, The Whole Medicine Conversation

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Megan Edge, on air from May 31st

Building Bridges between Modern Medicine and Alternative Healing.

Building Bridges is about learning holistic approaches to health and wellbeing by acknowledging the value and shortcomings of both Mainstream Medicine and Alternative Healing.  Building bridges between both approaches and disciplines creates a healthier, more effective system of medicine and healing.

This conversation is designed to empower you as you navigate our current, mainstream medical system, offering easy and enlightened solutions to common experiences to enable you to be seen and have your voice heard, so your health needs can be better met. We’ll discuss the phenomenon of The White Coat Syndrome, challenge your beliefs about the cause and purpose of illness and disease through an understanding of your body’s language and learn how your health is more than simply your physical hygiene, it’s fundamentally about your emotional well-being.

Master Healer Megan Edge will share her knowledge and teaching of Alternative and Wholistic Medicine along with her experience of mainstream medicine as a patient of 17 surgeries. She will share some of her techniques and tools for calming anxiety, having your voice heard, and healing effects after medical treatments.

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