RG21-24 Neonatologist Susan Landers, MD, So Many Babies.

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Landers MD, on air form June 15th

Neonatologist Susan Landers, MD, author of the new memoir So Many Babies: My Life Balancing a Busy Medical Career & Motherhood, will discuss the traumatic life and death choices many parents face when their sick or premature baby needs the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
In the United States nearly half a million babies are born preterm (before 37-weeks of pregnancy), have an illness, low birth weight (under 5.5 pounds), a multiple (twin/triplet), a major congenital malformation, or other critical care scenarios when admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Many of these children receive care and recover with the help of neonatologists and other specialists, and eventually leave the unit as healthy, thriving babies. However, for other babies who are extremely premature or those with an inoperable birth defect, there are traumatic and stressful times for parents – especially the moms – who are confronted with life and death choices for their babies.

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In So Many Babies, Neonatologist Susan Landers, MD, shares the stories of the close relationships that NICU staff and parents develop during some of the most distressing times of their sick child(ren)’s lives. In addition, Dr. Landers’ memoir describes how the practice of neonatology shaped and influenced her life experience (So Many Babies: My Life Balancing A Busy Medical Career & Motherhood; publication date: May 4, 2021.

As a neonatologist for over thirty-five years and a mother to three of her own children, Dr. Landers describes how the full-time practice of neonatology influenced her experience as a mother. As a neonatologist, she survived and thrived during a lengthy NICU practice, and she relates her experiences of finding resilience and endurance, managing to postpone burnout until late in her career. The book describes many technological changes that she witnessed over decades in neonatal medicine and high-risk obstetrics, such as infertility treatments and multiple births. Also, her experience in the NICU is illustrated by many poignant life-and-death scenarios, including stories about complex, critically ill patients, and their worried parents, each one touching her life.

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