21-33 Open Masculinity Talk

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from August 17th

Women have never had a hard time speaking to one another, we find those ones we trust and open up. We call each other out, we support each other, we cry together, we laugh and even make fun of each other, so why can’t men do the same? Because it is not masculine enough.

I have just watched an episode Man Enough, where a few guys that we know speak about how hard it is to bear their feelings and the confusion of living up to a macho masculinity. We wonder why men can’t speak to us, well, it is because they can’t even speak to each other, because of this illusion of what a man should be and the image he is meant to portray.

Men, it is ok to be vunreable, it is ok to feel hurt, to be scared, to have fears, this makes you human, it does not take your power away, it instead empowers you and all around you. We are in a world of equality, where we as women and men can share all of life’s dealings. Being a co-parent, being a partner in love, in work in play. Being open with the people you work with, showing your vulnerability and that you are not superman, you are human. We have the Ying and Yang for a reason, balance, a bit of both sides, and being open with yourself, your friends, your loved ones, liberates you and them creating a wonderful place of open conversations with our fear, expectations, or dictation.

We want you to feel enough, so open up, let us see you within, let yourself out, and share all of you, the fears, the dreams, the blockages, and the joys. Let us, on both sie men and women, be there openly for each other and have those inner conversations in celebration of being enough in our own lives.

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Man Enough posted an episode of We Are Man Enough.

In the first episode of Man Enough, Justin Baldoni sits down with Prince Ea, Derek Hough, Javier Munoz, Bassem Youssef, and Matt McGorry to have an open discussion about traditional masculinity and why men don’t typically talk.

All new #MeToo episode #ManEnough




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