Daddy’s Girl by choice

I always wanted one of mine to be a daddy’s girl. So when I started going through my painful divorce due to abuse and had two toddlers while just finding out I was pregnant yet again (all 4 kiddos from the same bio father)…what kept going through my mind was what if they never have a daddy in their life? And I guess this means there will be no such thing as a “daddy’s girl” in our family. I say this because not only was I single mommin’ it, but their bio father wanted nothing to do with any of them. After we lost our son, Samuel, he leaned towards drugs and I leaned towards my Faith in Christ. Actually, that’s when I accepted God to be my Lord and Savior. (My testimony is another story for another day, but feel free to hit me up if you wanna know). Which also leads me to say…how quick Joey was later down the road to sign over his parental rights, which was a HUGE blessing from Above (so yes I’m thankful) so they could be ADOPTED by you know who-yours truly, Jeff.

So here I am 7 months later and very preggo with Harper and I receive a little thumbs up on match dot com on the silly profile my sister, Christina, had set up for me. Then came a message. It caught my attention because it was a profile pic with a man and his children. I had not seen anything like it at all. Not at all. It was very intriguing. And just like that…BOOM! Bahaha. Ok. Ok. As much as I want to say the rest is history, that is far from the truth. But, what did happen immediately is I fell head over heels in love with my Prince Charming. We had our first date on December 31st 2012, in NYE. We were engaged by February 14th, 2013, and married June 8th, 2013…so needless to say, “When you know, you know”.

Which brings me to the point of this part of my life story…In the beginning, I feared for what kind of relationship my babes would have with Jeff or if any, to be honest. Would they love him like a father or like a friend or maybe not at all?

You see I met Jeff when Lillian was 2, Coleman was 1 and I was 7 months pregnant with Harper. And his kids were 8,4, and 1 year old. But what transformed right after we met was a love I had never seen before. Jeff loved my children like no other. He treated them like his very own. To this day, if you met all 6 of our children you would have no clue which ones were his bio kids and which ones were mine that he ended up ADOPTING before the first deployment we went through together. Needless to say, Jeff is the only daddy that they have ever had and they have only known Jeff as their daddy. So here comes the “daddy’s girl” part of the story…Harper, without a doubt, is completely a daddy’s girl. Jeff has known her since the beginning of her life. He was even in the birthing room at the hospital when I gave birth to her…funny how that worked out cause he had just started Navigator School and his schedule was craaaazy!! When Harper and Jeff look at each other it is undeniable love. It honestly is something a mother dreams about. To this day, even with Jeff’s crazy work schedule, she will tell you right away that “daddy is her favorite”. It’s such a beautiful relationship. So yes…I have 6 living children, I’ve had two miscarriages, and I have lost a son who I found lifeless in his crib when he was merely 9 weeks old. All my biological children are amazingly close to their daddy and that dream I feared that would never come true about my loves having a true daddy in their everyday life and one of my girls being a daddy’s girl…well, that dream came true and that wish was very much granted.

Life is a journey. Not a destination. So I continue to say with each passing day…let go and let God. Trust the process. Believe it and you too will see it. Love y’all! And I pray you have the best weekend of your life, yet!!!! ❤️#leadHER#believHER#OvercomHER#motHER#militarypartnHER#DreamHER#forgivHER#EntreprenHER#yesYOUcan#riserunbecome