AK21-43 The Girl With The Green Lipstick by Bill Saubert. 

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Bill Saubert, on air from October 26th

Bill Saubert to discuss his debut thriller The Girl With The Green Lipstick. This is based on a true story — Bill’s story.

A psychological thriller shows how one lonely man could easily fall for a sexy woman whom he really doesn’t know — not only does she try to steal his heart, but also tries to steal his money, run his business into the ground, and hires her lover to kill him….

Imagine losing the love of your life to cancer at a time when your “golden years” are not too far away. Then imagine entering the dating scene after a long layoff — heart-broken and desperate for romance. You come upon an attractive woman on an online dating site and she takes an interest in you. Things move quickly. Everything about her is new and exciting, yet familiar enough to feel you can let your guard down in her presence. You get married. Then things start to unravel.

We are not talking about a marriage that gets off to a rocky start. We are talking about a disaster.

After stealing your heart, she steals from your business and personal bank accounts. After filing for divorce you hire a private detective and only then do you learn the complete ugly and dangerous truth about the person you let into your life and with whom you shared your bed. You discover she was an addict, did prison time more than once, cheated on you, and that her lover planted an incendiary device in your home.

One man doesn’t have to imagine any of this. All of it happened to Bill Saubert. His debut thriller, The Girl With The Green Lipstick, is a dramatic rendition of the stunning chain of events. 

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“Though this is a novel, it is based on striking but real events,” says Bill, a multi-millionaire businessman who owns six UPS stores. “I am just glad to be alive to tell it.”
He draws his paramour-turned-adversary with great detail and insight, as only one who has lived through this trauma could. His dramatic story unfolds like a movie, playing on some of the biggest fear-filled questions many of us have when dating:
Do we really know who we are dating? Can we stay in love with someone who is bad for us? Could the person I love really hurt me? What do I do when my lover can’t be trusted?
“My shocking, debut novel reveals how a psychologically damaged woman can so easily insert herself into a man’s life, stopping at nothing to get what she wants, no matter the price,” shares Bill. “It also reveals how anyone can be fooled, both by what they don’t know — and what they choose to ignore. This is not a crime-of-passion story, but a passion-of-crime story.”

Bill knows how to entertain and enlighten listeners of radio shows and podcasts.  For the past seven years, he has hosted a show on the local Santa Fe NPR affiliate radio station.





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