21-45 You are the LOVE you Seek

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 9th

We seek the love from the outside, until we realize it is within. We look to others to validate us, value us, when the only ones that can do that is you and your inner child. When we acknowledge that we have an injured child within us who is seeking to be enough and to just be loved, we can turn our eyes in to love nurture and heal that child with self love.

We have done many shows on self love and the importance of loving that inner child. Vincent Genna and Fatima Oliver and Dr. Karen Kan are some of the answers on air with us right now who helps heal that inner child and helps navigate us into relationships that really work, starting with the one with self.

You want to be loved, well, it starts with loving your self, and in that loving vibration you attract like loving vibe persons. The same goes for your lack of self love, attracting a needy person and someone who will hurt you. Why? because your healing starts at the very core of you, your inner child, the innocent who for some reason has not got the love they need and even scared by the lack of it.

So look into your inner child, hold them, speak to them softly, listen to them and let the healing begin, and let your self love exude from you as a loving vibration from an open self loving heart.

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