IG21-46 William Halal. The Triumph of Human Consciousness.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest William Halal PHD, on air from November 16th

How Beyond Knowledge Lies the Triumph of Human Spirit
Author William Halal PHD offers up his uniquely powerful perspective on how to understand our world…

Beyond Knowledge Lies the Triumph of Human Spirit.
The Knowledge Age of the past two decades is passing today as the digital revolution and artificial intelligence replace knowledge work. Halal’s study of social evolution explains how this marks the passage to a new frontier beyond the knowledge that is poorly understood – an “Age of Consciousness” is here. But more pandemics, climate change, gross inequality, gridlock, and other threats form a “Crisis of Maturity” that is blocking this historic transformation.

This book provides a wealth of evidence and leading examples of an emerging “global consciousness” now driving the world to grow up, resolve this global crisis and develop a sustainable world order – or perish. With foresight and hard work, we could see the triumph of the human spirit, once again.

At the heart of Mr. Halal’s book are 3 principles discussed at length within:

1.    Why Consciousness is Today’s Next Step in Social Evolution
2.    What is the Crisis of Global Maturity
3.    How Mental/Spiritual Revolution is Likely

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William Halal is a seasoned educator and expert with extensive writing, multiple awards, and other credentials and is available to speak on a myriad of issues affecting us today including the recent Facebook shut down, how media messaging is impacting the average citizen’s opinion of the world and his work as a futurist in predicting major global events including the pandemic.
Halal is Professor Emeritus at George Washington University, Washington, DC, with degrees from Purdue and UC Berkeley. Prof. Halal has published 7 books and hundreds of articles, consults to corporations and governments, and is a frequent speaker, once substituting for Peter Drucker. Bill also served as a major in the US Air Force, an aerospace engineer on the Apollo Program and a business manager in Silicon Valley.  He received the 1977 Mitchell Prize ($10,000) for his article “Beyond the Profit-Motive,” and another article, “Through the MegaCrisis,” was awarded Outstanding Paper of 2013. Halal was cited by the Encyclopedia of the Future as one of the top 100 futurists in the world.





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