22-01 Welcome 2022, let’s Ignite.

Sara’s View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air from January 4th


2022, a new year of hope, new directions, and belief and faith in each other. It is a time of willingness in the understanding of each other, seeing, hearing each other from each other own perspective. It is an invite to choose to live in caringness, kindness, and love of self and planet.

My word for the year is Ignition, turning the key, getting in gear, and moving forward. If we decide to see each other’s truth and see that fundamentally at the core we are the same, then why are we fighting each other. Let us feel the inner love, let us step up to be the change needed, let us come together in building a new world that is one of calmness, compassion, kindness and openness love of our heart and souls setting our spirits few to be.

Spiritual accountability solutions will be the path we can take in Igniting our Soul, Heart, Spirit Body and Mind. When we ignite from within we connect more honestly on the outside.

We will be judged, not by each other but by the higher energies that know we ae have to rise up to a better vibration and stop the discord between each other. Earth is out of balance, we are out of balance, it is time to take that deep breathe and calm our inner souls in order to hear, feel, see and trust. We are invited, no directed into stepping up and being the change that we all so desperately we need.

I speak to what Self Discovery Media is bringing this year, and of our commitment to raising those positive vibrations, one show at a time. Come join us and be inspired, and in turn inspire others to rise up to into igniting their own beautiful essence.

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