RG22-05 Mark Wilhelmsson and “Our Child’s Keeper”.

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara Troy and her guest Mark Wilhelmsson, on air from February 1st

Our child safety journey began just after our son Markus turned two years old.  He was sitting in his highchair eating some fresh fruit that I had cut up for him for breakfast, but little did I know that just moments later, everything would change.   
As I was watching him eat, all of a sudden, he just froze. Everything stopped. I instantly knew something was very wrong, and then I realized he couldn’t breathe.  He was choking.   He dipped his head slightly and looked up at me, and in his eyes—the only way I could possibly begin to describe it—was a look of silent desperation and panic.
What I felt at my core while looking in his eyes was the sense that he was calling out to me to save him.  But here’s the thing: I didn’t know how. 
Fact is, I had never learned a core set of fundamental life-saving skills that we all should know as parents, but the reality is, most parents simply do not know any of them.   I certainly didn’t… but I decided to make it my mission to change that as parents need to be prepared for the unexpected—because our children deserve it!

“I believe our children are silently begging us as parents to lead them, to be their source of protection and safety, to hold them up. They’re right, and they deserve it! Our primary responsibility is to protect and keep our children safe. It’s #1.”

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On behalf of my wife Krischelle and everyone at Our Child’s Keeper, I would like to invite you to join our community and worldwide movement, because the more knowledge and life-saving skills you are empowered with as a parent, the safer your children will always be!

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