22-04 Donating a Difference….

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 25th.

GIVING OF ONE’S TIME, MONEY, ENERGY, AND WISDOM IS A WONDERFUL GIFT TO GIVE. I ALWAYS SAY ONE DROP MAKES A DIFFERENCE, FOR IT ADDS UP AND SPILLS OVER. It can be hard giving of one’s time, we are all so busy, we may be broke ourselves so money is hard to give, our wisdom cost us nothing to share, and our energy in exuberance can make such a difference, but what else can we give of our selves that is that one drop?

I know we are all stretched out right now, even burnt out, but when we are of service to one another, we help each other build-up, sustain, and even thrive once again. Whichever way you wish to give back, is ok, but please, in gratitude for what you have in your life, be there for others who are just trying to survive, grow, become, and stand tall in their own lives.

I donate a little (money) a lot, I can’t afford much as I am a pensioner and this network relies on donations to thrive too, but I know that if we all gave a little it would grow to be a lot and be that difference we all need to thrive once more.

So look for what you have in gratitude, and look to whom you can empower and give dignity to even in a little support in stabilizing and sustaining their own lives. Money, time, energy, wisdom, clothes, goods, whatever they need, for even a drop multiplies and become that difference in survival into thrivel of what we all need.

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