IG22-09 Richard V. Battle, What Money Can’t Buy.

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Richard V. Battle, on air from March 1st.
~Award-winning author and motivational speaker, Richard v. Battle

While we all need money to survive, no amount of money can buy peace, happiness, joy, love, or friendship. Yet, humans continue to pursue riches believing it will solve their problems. A recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer details treasure hunters suing the federal government for documents related to a lost civil war gold shipment. The military lost the gold in 1863, and hunters have pursued it since. Finders Keepers, a group, led by the Parada family, have spent decades searching for the treasure and are plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

“We must prioritize faith, family, and relationships over the acquisition of money. It is effortless for men to fall into the trap of prioritizing providing financially for their families and missing the essential things in life. It is essential to live balancing our spiritual, family, physical, mental, financial, and social areas of life,” believes Battle, whose faith in God helped him survive heart procedures, divorce, cancer, surviving an apartment fire that killed his neighbor, rebounding from financial devastation, and the crushing blow of his only son’s passing.

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“I don’t find anything wrong with hunting treasure or pursuing wealth. We can secure our financial freedom and improve our lifestyles. Still, we can never measure wealth using money,” says the award-winning author of eight books Richard V. Battle including the latest one, Life’s Daily Treasure: 366 Doses of Hope, Optimism, Personal growth, and Encouragement“Like so many other things, obsessive and extreme efforts can skew our view of life and deprive us of enjoying those things money can’t buy.”

Richard’s book provides daily doses of inspiration, motivation, and American celebration to lift people’s spirits. The one subject absent from each day, and the book is MONEY because money won’t buy you happiness; instead, it will buy a better brand of misery.

Richard V. Battle is an award-winning and best-selling author of eight books, including his latest book ‘Life’s Daily Treasure’ which provides timeless positive messages. The nuggets within stimulate thought, lift spirits, and inspire action to enhance the reader’s life, all of which they influence for years to come. Through this book, Battle prioritizes the greatest gift we can offer anyone—encouragement. He is a motivational speaker and media commentator.

Richard’s mission is to share ideas and experiences with the desire to
help people win life’s race.


His uplifting messages will encourage, entertain and inspire audience members to attempt and attain new levels of personal performance
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