C22-10 Ros McMaster is Living a full life.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Ros McMaster, on air from March 8th

There are two things we can know with certainty. First, we were born. Second, we will die.
Life changes fast. Life can change in an instant.
In 2008, I attended a Buddhist course on Death & Dying while volunteering at their Hospice service.
“At the time of your passing,” Chodron said, “it’s important to be at peace spiritually.
Whatever you believe, believe in it fully. There’s a great deal of peace and comfort at the end of life if you firmly believe that something greater, more powerful, and more beautiful is waiting for you.” BUT; Life is for fully living in the now with soul enrichment and gratitude abundance, you will eventually pass over with peace in your heart and soul.

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“At the time of your passing” Chodron added, “it’s important to be at peace emotionally.
Despite walking a spiritual path for many decades, the workshop was causing me to question the strength of my faith; and more importantly, the emotional health of the relationships around me – non more so than the relationship I had with myself. Much later, I understood that moving deeper into exploring those two principles helped me set a path that sustained me when death, grief, and loss knocked at my door. Not once, not twice, but five times.
Life, I came to realise, is fragile and unpredictable. My search for emotional peace began with a simple act of gratitude, and lead me down the path of self-worth, forgiveness, and the shedding of years of fear that kept me from living my most authentic empowered self.

Getting Psyched

In 1997, I obtained a Psychology Degree, opened a counselling practice specialising in regression therapy and sand play, and began using my gifts as a psychic medium in conjunction with mainstream therapy processes.

After years of study in both mainstream and alternate therapies, I have now opened myself up to working in a deeper way with spirit to bring emotional healing that is transformative and lasting. 

Spirit knocked a little louder

Two years after my 30yr marriage came to an end, I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer. I’m now a proud cancer survivor. One year later, in 2017, I nursed my ex-husband until he passed away, 5 weeks after his own cancer diagnosis. 

The deep levels of inner healing which I underwent during my most challenging times, led me to my authentic self. Towards freedom from fear, and an unconditionally loving heart. 

  • Author – From Shadows to Light self-help memoir
  • Brisbane Psychic Medium
  • Transformational Spiritual Counsellor.
  • Podcast Host & Guest
  • Wisdom Blogger