22-22 Pears of Wisdom. With Our SUPPORT

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from May 31st

Everyone of us has needed some support in our live, be it physical or mental or spiritual support, we have needed it, but was it there for us? I have had my own journey when I needed support, and some times, one does not know what it is we need, maybe just someone who hears us, feels us, and knows how to help us move fast the pain, anguish or just feeling stuck.

For the last 10 years I have been bringing you people who have been the answer to your needs because they too know what it is like, and because they have already gone through the process and now have the skills and knowledge to help you go through it too. Some of these people have known real hell, but decided to find the courage, strength and discovery their skills into wholeness and self love, and are now helping others to do the same.

Inspiration begets Invitation, and when we are inspired, we are invited to take that first leap, which is our first step on the road of recovery. BUT, we have to want it, we have to LISTEN, READ, LEARN AND AND APPLY. It does not just materialize, but can be fond when you consciously look, when you truly hear, and when you are ready to apply and reach out to the ones who are here to help you.

They maybe they are the answer to your question, but you are the application with those answers, there is no escape, of denial or blaming of others, there is just action and a choice to hear those that wish to support you on your way to FLAWESOMENESS AND PERSONAL ABUNDANCE. WILL YOU LISTEN? WILL YOU HEAR? WILL YOU CHOOSE ANOTHER PATH AND HEAL BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HEAL? IT IS ALL UP TO YOU.

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