IG22-29. Michelle Kierznowski, Our Highest Self

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Michelle Kierznowski, on air from July 19th

I have always been interested in knowing what makes people tick. Why are some people so lucky in life and others barely managing to stay afloat?

Being sensitive has always been a curse in my life. When I felt happy, I was very happy and when I felt sad, I was really sad! This drove my mother insane!! I could feel other’s emotions and tried my very best to make everyone around me feel happy. It was not always for their benefit but mine. I just hate feeling uncomfortable.

Later in life I started training myself to focus my sensitivity to pick up energy, not just any energy, but higher vibrational energy. People call this energy God, the Universe, Source, Higher Self, The Akashic Records, etc. Whatever it is called, it is ONE energy.

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Michelle is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, Coach and Teacher.  Her passion is to help people let go of their limiting beliefs and connect to their Highest Self.  

Michelle regularly have conversations with her Highest Self and share these inspiring messages with others.

Michelle teaches people all over the world to fall in love with life and allow life to fall in love with them.  

“I am a passionate speaker and hold the attention of the audience. I get the message through clearly and motivate people to take action.”

I am a qualified Quantum Hypnotherapist.

I am a passionate teacher. I help my clients clearly understand what action to take to reach their goals.

I help my clients work with their Higher Self to get results.

I intuitively help my clients understand why they created their reality and how to break free from limiting beliefs.






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