MH22-39. Dr Kara Larson & Joaquin Cozy-Mind.

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guests Dr Kara Larson & Joaquin Holurbeigt, on air from September 19th

Dr. Kara Larson is the CEO of CozyMind and leverages her doctoral knowledge of the human mind and body to empower entrepreneurs struggling with work exhaustion and motivation. She designed a system that optimizes your productivity, through mental wellness tools and hacks, and leaves you feeling 50% less stressed at the end of the day. A quirky adventurer, Kara can be found eating spicy miso ramen in Japan or white water rafting in India.

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Dr. Kara is a Doctor of Biomedical Engineering as well as a PMP® certified project manager. She holds additional certifications in yoga instruction, health yoga life coaching, and functional diagnostic nutrition.

Dr Kara Larson



Joaquin Holurbeigt has combined his BBA degree with 20 years of meditation and mindfulness expertise to co-found CozyMind. Passionate about changing people’s mental wellbeing, he has spent the past five years transforming burned-out professionals from all over the globe. He has designed practical tools to shift the way they work and reduce their stress levels for optimal performance and productivity.


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