22-42 Guesting on a Podcast

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from October 11th

Podcasting is illuminating, informative, enlightening, and filled with knowledgeable wisdom that invites society to see the truth of self, and it empowers us to be so much more than we think we can be. As a Podcaster for over 10 years now, I have learned so much from my guests about myself, and how we can empower each other with our knowledgeable wisdom.

There are millions of podcasts out there today making a difference in the lives’ of others; some short and only on Facebook or Linked-in etc, instant and live. Some only on audio or just video, some like my self on both platforms. Some do not cover the details of whom they interview, some go into detail, (like myself) each to their own. BUT; there is a process of being a guest on someone’s Podcast, like turn up and turn up on time.

I offer a full package, the guests show topic details, their bio, books, all links, a headshot of them; and they are on 16 audio platforms, and 2 video platforms, plus 5 sites and may social medias. Yes, I may go over board, but I take this seriously and wish to fully represent the people I interview. All I ask is that they respect my time, my system, and bring forth the very best of them selves. I do not charge for my interviews, instead I do them via a donation, as to what they can afford if they wish to support my network. Many do not, but I made a commitment to get illuminating wisdom out to the people so we can collectively heal, grow and come together as a human race.

What ever the philosophy is around why a person has a podcast, there still needs to be some etiquette around being that guest as well as being a host. Take it seriously, paid or no pay, you are using someone’s time and energy. Do not just dismiss it as a little podcast and not turn up, or cancel at the last moment, ( that goes for hosting too) illness and unforeseen event’s aside, it is rude to not turn up or give enough time to cancel or want to reschedule, for someone else could have taken that spot instead of you.

They are giving you a platform, respect that and step up to the plate. As a host, we owe it to our guests to represent them in their best light ever. So know who is interviewing you, or who you are interviewing, what is their style, what information do they to have from you, and be there on show day, all smiles, showing the world your truth and your why, so that others can be illuminated by you.

Here are some etiquette codes of conduct.

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