22-46: Pearls of Wisdom: Interior Changes

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 8th

Please do not let the outside chatter block your inside voice. It is all too easy to let the outside world dictate how we should feel, who we should be and how we should live our lives. Life is an inside-out job, not the other way around. We can not let the outside world decide for us, but take ownership of our own choices of who we are, what we do, and why we are here having a living existence.

All our answers to life come FROM within; they come through us for us to use in a proactive, positive way. When we choose to listen in, feel that wisdom that comes to us, and let it ignite our heart and empower our spirit, our minds are in clarity, and so are our actions. Being in-tuned with our soul, heart, spirit intellect, guides our mind into knowing what it needs to know when it needs to know it.

So find your way to switch of the outer world, a walk, a swim, a dance, a ride, connection with nature and listen in, for nature will always some you where you live and how to live in truth of you beingness. Meditation is not sitting in silence to hear the calling, but standing in chaos to know it.

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