22-48 Winter Connections

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 22nd

Winter is upon us and this means we go inside. No more meeting people down at the beach or at the park or just out and about, we are staying in where it is warm and cozy. But, what of the people who now feel isolated who used to feel connected when people were about? How do we include them in our lives now?

This is a tough time of the year; no matter the age, people can feel so isolated and alone because, due to whatever, they can not go out and about or are not part of an organization. Loneliness kills, the isolation, hurts, the feeling that no one cares, and the day-to-day of being alone with one’s self. Some people work from home and are not mingling with work friends, and some are trapped at home due to health or age. Some are stuck at home with children and have nowhere to go. Whatever the circumstance, please connect, reach out, knock on doors, make a phone call, use social media, email, write a letter, anything to connect and make them feel connected.

We all want to feel we belong and that there are out there people who care about you, so reach out, speak out, invite, and if you are on of those who are alone, do not be shy, reach out too, go out even if to a mall to be around people, strike up a conversation and see where it goes, for you never know where it might happen until you try and connect.

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